PERFORMANCE EVALUATION RATING SYSTEM:  DK requests that the tour security managers of each event complete a performance evaluation regarding their experiences with our staff.  They are asked a variety of questions and are requested to provide an overall numerical score, with 8-10 as "exceeding expectations."

The following comments and scores were taken verbatim from these feedback forms.

Bob Seger                                                                                     Score: 10

"Everything was executed very well this evening!  One of the very best I have had the pleasure to work with." ------- Assistant Tour Security Manager

Van Halen                                                                                    score: 10

"Guys did great!" ------- Tour Security Manager

Neil Diamond                                                                                 score: 9

"No shortcomings!  Exceeded Expectations."  ---------- Tour Security Manager

Def Leppard                                                                                score: 10

"Van Andel Arena sets the standard that other venues should hope they can meet.  Thanks so much!" -------- Tour Security Manager                                

Foo Fighters                                                                               score: 10

"As a touring security director, what I need is piece of mind and knowing that the things I need to make my show as safe as possible are done.  Everything was done properly tonight."  ------------ Tour Security Manager

Smack down                                                                                score: 10

"There has never been an instance since I have come to this venue, where security has ever been an issue!!!  Keep up the great work." ------- Tour Security Manager

NKOTBSb                                                                                         score: 8

"Your staff did an amazing job and I was extremely pleased with containment while we moved our artist through the crowd." ------ Tour Security Manager

American Idols Live Tour                                                          score: 10

"Definitely one of the better venues.  Thanks for everything!" ------- Tour Security Manager

Gaither homecoming                                                                    score: 9

"All good!  We always enjoy the professionalism of your staff." ------- Tour Security Manager

Tom petty and the heartbreakers                                          Score: 10

"Everything was excellent and met all of our needs." ------- Tour Security Manager

Kenny chesney                                                                            score: 10

"Love this place!  Love working with you gents and ladies... one word... Fantastic!!!  Can't wait to come back." ------- Tour Security Manager

Winter Jam 2011                                                                         score: 10

"Great night!" ----- Tour Security Manager

The Police Live in Concert                                                          score: 9

"Keep up the good work!" -------Tour Security Manager

Casting Crowns                                                                          score: 10

"Outstanding - Thanks!" ------ Tour Security Manager

The Original Harlem Globetrotters                                        Score: 8

"Every area great.  We have some special needs, such as photo sessions, autograph sessions and the staff was up to the challenge!" ------ Tour Security Manager