• Event Division's inception 1996
  • Thousands of events
  • One of the largest providers in Michigan
  • Several hundred employees
  • Team travels to various locations
  • Largest deployment to date: 13,000 hours in one week
  • 36' Mobile Command Unit

PREMIERE ENTERTAINMENT SECURITY PROVIDER:  DK Security began providing event management and entertainment security services in 1996 and has since provided services for thousands of events.  DK Security has become "one of the very best I have had the pleasure to work with," said Mr. John Rapp, Assistant Tour Manager for Bob Seger.*  DK is one of the largest providers in Michigan with a staff of several hundred.  Our staff enjoys traveling to various locations throughout Michigan and is equipped to stay on-site throughout the duration of various projects with its own 35' mobile command unit.  The largest security deployment in DK's history for a single event included over 300 personnel, providing approximately 13,000 hours of coverage in one week. 
FULL SPECTRUM OF SERVICES:  We have the capability of providing a full spectrum of services for each event including:
  • Crowd Management: patron seating, backstage, barricade, perimeter, entrances, bag searches, pat downs, and more
  • Uniform Security
  • Mobile Patrol
  • Executive Protection
  • Armed Protection
  • Money Transport
  • Event Management Strategic Security Planning
  • Parking Services

To better understand how DK Security's event management services operate, watch Executive Vice President Dr. Kathryn A. Kendall discuss event security on eightWest's "Ask the Expert" segment.