Pre-Employment and Tenant Screenings

DK Security offers background screening services to companies seeking to ensure high quality hiring practices and property owners screening potential tenants. 

We have been providing clients with background screening services since 1999 and have since processed thousands.  We utilize an easy, ONLINE PROCESS and have customized PACKAGES for a variety of client needs. 

Please contact us with any questions.

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why should my company screen employees?

  • Ensure a safer and more secure work environment
  • Avoid hiring convicted criminals
  • Protect your company's image
  • Minimize risk of theft, diversion and fraud
  • Lower employee turnover
  • Lower liability/negligence lawsuits
  • Reduce overall hiring/recruiting costs
  • Improve the quality of your workforce


Employers/property owners can be held liable for hiring, or leasing to, a person who later commits a crime against a co-worker or third party. Litigation tends to focus on the extent in which the employer investigated the background of the accused, prior to hiring.  It is the responsibility of the employer to make a credible effort to avoid negligent hiring.

The DK Difference: What Sets Us Apart?

1) LAW ENFORCEMENT REVIEW: We will assist your HR Managers with follow up to any background check that is not clearly understood. DK will review any criminal or traffic record that is extensive, difficult to interpret or confusing. This review and consultation is provided at no cost to the client, by former federal agents as well as state, county and municipal law enforcement officers.

2) CUSTOMER SERVICE: Nancy Rhodes and Sindia Narber are devoted to customer care, easily accessible, patient and friendly. Our clients are our priority and it is clearly demonstrated in the time and effort we place in customer service. 

To learn more about DK's Background Screening division, watch Executive Vice President Dr. Kathryn A. Kendall and Senior Vice President of Operations and Administration Sindia Narber discuss the importance of employee screening and how the process works.