The Security Audit

A security audit is the process of determining your company's exposure to threat and risk.  A small investment in a security audit may save you and your company years of unnecessary financial loss.

A continuum of audits is available at DK depending upon individual needs, size of company and location.  The security professionals at DK are knowledgeable, professional and friendly.  We work diligently to make certain your security audit is cost effective and highly beneficial to your company's well-being.


  1. What access do our employees have to critical information systems?
  2. Do our employees have criminal records?
  3. How safe are our parking lots?
  4. Do we have a crisis response plan?
  5. What is the risk / threat to our key executives?
  6. What access do non-employees have?
  7. What monitoring systems are in place?
  8. What is our company-wide violence policy?
We hope these questions help you begin thinking in terms of your security needs and risks, and encourage you along a proactive path.  After years of working in this industry, we can confidently state that the process of setting up approrpiate security strategies is seemless as compared to the potential nightmares you may face should you not be prepared.

components of an Audit

1. ANALYSIS of the following existing practices within your company:

Employee Hiring Processes (under construction)    
Physical Security Infrastructure      
Access Control      
Security Policies      
3. MAKING RECOMMENDATIONS for improvement and minimizing risk