construction site security

construction site security

DK Security has over 15 years of experience in partnering with Construction Teams.  We continually research security risks in the construction industry, helping to adapt our services and training programs as the industry trends evolve. 



Security and Loss Control

Equipment theft is a major source of loss to contractors.  While insurance may offset some of the financial costs of this loss, many uninsured costs are paid by the contractors (general and subcontractors).  These costs include insurance deductibles, replacing depreciated items with new equipment, production delays, paperwork and time in reporting and replacing stolen equipment. 

Easy Targets

Contractors with inadequate security measures are primary targets for theft, as thieves will take the path of least resistance.  In many cases, the costs associated with theft may be the difference between profit and loss on a construction project.  Therefore, the prevention of loss and importance of remaining a difficult target, is critical.  Loss is generally focused on two primary sources:  1) public or 2) job site workers (present or former) and occur at job sites, during transport or at the contractor’s office. 

When to Address Security 

Contractor’s should address security and loss prevention policies and plans during the preconstruction meetings.  DK will partner with the contractor to address multiple areas a few of which are outlined below:

—Common Characteristics of Equip. Theft Situations     — Investigation Policies and Procedures 

—Current Theft Equipment and Material Trends            —  Policies for Employee Accountability

—Theft Prevention Measures                                         —  Employee Monitoring and Reporting 

—Theft-Prevention Walkabout Checklist                        —  Security Investment v. Potential Loss