DK Security is proud to showcase our dedicated team of officers and event staff.
Their strong work ethic and commitment to hospitality security is DK’s greatest asset.



Michaela Merillat 
Control Room Officer

“Michaela has demonstrated her ability to handle new responsibilities, make sound decisions, and support the goals of the department by taking on additional tasks. Michaela is a dependable officer who picks up extra shifts and works off hours to help fill the schedule.”

Barb Bailey 
Event Staff Lead at Van Andel Arena

“Service is getting to be a thing of the past, so when you have really good service it stands out. We appreciate how helpful Barb was and how quickly a solution was found.”

William Lodewyk
Knoll Security Site Supervisor

“He has done an excellent job juggling the police academy, his military career, and being our supervisor here at Knoll. Bill Lodewyk has absolutely done the best job at keeping this site running smoothly.”