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DK Security has provided personal security to hundreds of executives, performers/entertainers, politicians, justices of the U.S. and Michigan Supreme Courts, cabinet secretaries, foreign dignitaries, and many others who are often under potential threat.

The protection teams are often comprised of former police officers, former U.S. Marshals and FBI agents as well as former members of the U.S. military special forces. With years of experience in providing personal protection, we have in place a threat analysis strategy that has worked successfully for over 20 years. We do not provide security without developing an executive protection plan to mitigate the risk and ensure the safety of not only the protectees, their families and employees, but also for the safety of our staff and others who may be involved.




The cornerstone of all personal protection operations is a process known as threat analysis. We do this in consultation with our client, the local police, and often State and Federal agencies.

In today’s business and political climate there exists a wide variety of risks because of downsizing, rightsizing, employee misconduct, terminations, as well as other challenges. To further complicate our future security responsibilities, we are confronted with aggressive political and campus activism that has placed a significant burden on law enforcement and leads to more private security demands by corporations, as well as the citizenry.

Virtually anyone in the security field, government or private, will advise you that your safety is a function of 90% planning and 10% execution. Contact us before a threat becomes a reality. We will have a response team to you as quickly as possible.

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