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Retail Loss Prevention

DK Security’s Loss Prevention services are comprehensive and designed to help identify and address potential problems within your organization that lead to significant financial loss. The financial goal is to quickly recoup the cost of loss prevention services through the reduction of financial loss caused by internal and external theft, mismanagement, and employee negligence.



  • Undercover Store Detectives

  • Uniform Security Officers

  • Investigative Services

  • Pre-Employment Screening

  • Retail Loss Audits

  • CCTV Monitoring

  • Interviewing and Interrogation


  • DK Security’s average shoplifting apprehension are nearly 3 times higher than the national average, apprehending almost 1,000 shoplifters annually.
  • DK Security recovers thousands of dollars of client merchandise and cash annually and deters the loss of thousands of dollars more.
  • Experienced “professional” shoplifters are well informed of each store’s loss prevention efforts, and subsequently target stores without undercover detectives.
  • DK Security currently employs 30 Undercover Detectives throughout Michigan for loss prevention services. Detectives vary in age, race, and gender; allowing for the most appropriate fit for varying client needs.
  • Our store detective recruiting and pre-employment screening process is extensive and includes non-verbal intelligence and psychological testing of applicants. Our store detectives undergo comprehensive classroom and on the job training, passing multiple physical apprehension test prior to working independently.
  • DK Security will asses your company’s daily operations, policies and procedures, and general security practices to determine the most efficient methods for reducing shrink and identifying internal and external vulnerabilities for theft and fraud.
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