DK Security has provided executive protection to hundreds of executives, entertainers, politicians, dignitaries, and many others who are often under potential threat. We focus on the needs of our clients and can fully customize our protection operations.

Threat analysis is the cornerstone of all personal protection. Our Executive Protection Specialists (EPS) gather and utilize protective intelligence to prevent incidents. Protective Intelligence performed by an EPS is a key component to proper threat analysis and one key element that separates them from someone with no Executive Protection training. It includes proactive, predictive, and behavioral intelligence.

Our Executive Protection agents are comprised of Executive Security International (ESI) alumni, retired law enforcement, former military special forces, and former FBI agents with years of experience. DK Security can provide high profile (close protection), or low profile (inconspicuous with an attempt to hide presence) Executive Protection agents for instances such as:

  • Residential Security
  • Red Carpet and Venue Security
  • Celebrity Security
  • Dignitary Security
  • Hostile Terminations
  • Secure Transports