Mobile Patrol Security

What Is A Mobile Patrol?

Demand for security is steadily climbing at DK, but not every organization requires the same traditional security presence. Mobile patrol security is a cost-effective way to ensure the safety of your staff and property without the need for a consistent security guard presence.

Mobile patrols take the standard duties of a guard on-the-go, placing a DK officer in a marked security vehicle to monitor multiple sites over the course of a shift.

Mobile Patrol Security

Why You Need Mobile Patrol Security Services

Theft Prevention

Mobile security guards are an excellent visual deterrent to theft. The sight of a marked security vehicle discourages would-be criminals from disturbing your property; each DK mobile patrol unit comes equipped with clear markings and a flashing vehicle light to do just that. Able to cover more ground than a security guard on-foot, mobile patrols have the additional capability to more easily identify and track suspicious activity on your premises. 

Trespassing and Vandalism Prevention

Periodic monitoring positions a mobile patrol to identify and report trespassing, vandalism, and other suspicious occurrences. In most cases, approaching a scene with lights flashing helps dissolve unwanted activity. Should a situation escalate, mobile security guards are professionally trained to resolve instances of trespassing and vandalism. 

When a suspicious character is on your property, mobile security guards are also available to alert company owners and authorities if necessary to prevent further issues.

Rapid Alarm Response

When your alarm system is triggered, a mobile patrol is trained to immediately respond and investigate no matter which alarm company you use. Our staff rapidly alerts you and the authorities to any crimes or disturbances that require an additional response.

Mobile security officers can also be trained to check doors, alarms, interior temperatures, and other systems after-hours. A thorough understanding of your premises is important for every mobile patrol and leads to rapid responses.

Nightly Lockdowns

At most organizations, after-hours is the most vulnerable time for your people and assets. During employee shift changes, having a marked vehicle present ensures the safety of those who are heading out to their vehicles. For organizations with off-hours workers, a mobile patrol may conduct wellness checks and assist with night-long personal safety.

Having a security vehicle periodically surveilling also protects your assets. Mobile patrols are available to lock down your buildings at the end of the night, keep an eye on valuable equipment, and investigate any suspicious activity on the premises.

Traffic Direction

A marked vehicle is an unmistakable presence not only as a deterrent to criminal activity, but also as a resource to the public. People may approach a mobile patrol for help with directions and other inquiries; it is all part of the “hospitality security” approach to customer service that we instill in all DK employees.

How Much Does Mobile Security Patrol Cost?

With DK Security, the cost to deploy traditional mobile security patrol services depends on a variety of considerations and is discussed between DK Security and the client. Mobile patrol rates are variable and are largely determined by the number and scope of unique client sites utilizing the patrol in a single shift.

We encourage you to request a quote for mobile patrol security by contacting us here. Let’s have a conversation about your security needs in Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio today.

Armed and Unarmed Security Guards

Like with traditional security guards, mobile patrol officers may be unarmed or armed at a client’s request. Whether or not a mobile guard carries a firearm depends on all applicable laws and regulations, as well as a discussion on services requested and budgetary considerations. Any mobile patrol equipped with a firearm that is deployed to your work site must also meet strict eligibility requirements and possess all necessary licenses.

Businesses that Benefit from Mobile Patrol Security Officers

The security sector is unique in its versatility, and organizations of every industry deserve to feel safe and free from crime. Mobile patrols help bring affordable security options to a wide range of businesses – each with their own unique security needs.

Mobile patrols are highly effective in downtown areas, where businesses that operate closely with one another may enter into a joint partnership for a security patrol. Any business, however, that deals with loitering, vandalism and off-hours safety concerns may benefit from the regular monitoring of a DK vehicle patrol. Here are a few more instances where mobile patrols are especially relevant across industries.


The safety of our students, teachers, and other educational staff is of great concern. Mobile security patrols take the surveillance of parking lots, building exterior, and publicly accessible areas to the next level with a highly mobile vehicle presence. 

Mobile patrols are a highly visible deterrent to would-be criminals and a recognizable resource for students and staff in times of uncertainty or emergency. Especially for larger properties and college campuses, a marked vehicle allows security personnel to quickly cross large distances and patrol a greater area than is possible on-foot.


A mobile patrol situated in the parking lot of a retailer or group of retailers (like a mall) may monitor for theft, loitering, and other offenses with the means to travel to and address the situation properly. 

Sharing the cost of deploying mobile security between multiple retail clients lowers the investment for each partner involved, making security even more accessible to individual clients with similar security requests to organizations around them. In a shared mobile security patrol, DK protects all parties equally and simultaneously.


Another industry with large areas to protect, hospitals benefit from the flexibility of a mobile security patrol. Parking lots and numerous access points can all be monitored from a patrolling vehicle with ease and allow medical professionals to focus on the important activity happening within hospital walls.

Construction Sites

Construction work sites are unique in their expansiveness, lack of fixed infrastructure, and presence of high-value equipment and materials. A vulnerable industry to theft and vandalism, construction presents unique security challenges and effectively uses mobile patrols to surveil property. 

DK mobile patrols are capable of traversing unfinished roads, covering large work sites, and rapidly responding to construction-related instances of crime or disturbances. 

Concert Venues

The entertainment sector often benefits from vehicle-based security as a resource for securing high-traffic areas. At concert venues, mobile patrols may monitor parking lots for parking infractions, concertgoer unruliness, or loitering at the end of the night. Clear security markings also turn a mobile patrol into an approachable resource for those with questions and even emergencies, all of which our guards are trained to assist with.

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