Employee Spotlight - Supervisor Sean

Behind the Curtain: Spotlighting One Supervisor’s Unseen Leadership

March 28, 2024

While hospitality security is at the heart of what we do, DK Security teams also work behind the scenes to provide some of our most critical security functions. Leading one of these vital teams is Sean S., a Lansing surveillance center supervisor whose dedication to continuous growth and peer empowerment is truly exceptional. In this Employee Spotlight, we explore Sean’s DK career: From his essential functions in public safety to the impact he leaves on a large team of operators.

Reading time: 3 minutes

Stepping into Leadership

Sean’s DK career started in 2020 when he was included in a pilot group for Lansing’s new Central Control dispatch center, which oversees life safety systems, reporting, camera monitoring, and works with multiple agencies (local law enforcement, EMS, etc.) for the safety of Lansing area facilities. Coming from the logistics industry with experience in mass media communications, he perceived DK as a reputable name in the area and applied for an entry role that split his time between the control center and a state laboratory.

Our client at Sean’s work site quickly recognized his leadership qualities, resulting in Sean being offered a promotion from operator to acting team lead within a year on the job. Excelling in his interim leadership of 10-plus operators, Sean’s permanent Supervisor status was made official in 2023.

Sean describes a “very, very solid work relationship” with our client that not only covers strategic security or emergency management, but also extends “to the point of feeling like there’s a lot of mentorship for [himself] and [his] career path.” Open communication between contractor and client is central to the dispatch center, and Sean is positive about the approachability of our client for every member of the security team.

His outlook on leadership pays that mentorship forward. Understanding that Central Control operators are often stepping into their first desk job, he’s eager to guide the careers of those around him. “Empowerment of the individuals of our team” is important to Sean, adding: “I want everybody to excel past where I sit in terms of capabilities.”

Despite having laid such a solid foundation in job performance and mentorship, Sean is always looking to improve. “Where are your gaps?” he poses. “How do we strengthen those areas?” It all ties back to developing each team member into a confident and competent professional, as he describes the goal of “letting operators fly while being able to take a back seat.”

For Sean, confidence in those under his supervision shines the brightest in emergency situations. If an operator were to observe a medical alert, for example, “they all know what to do.” That means mass alert texts, pulling camera footage, and having a strong understanding of how to respond in scenarios of all kinds. He also takes time to mention the nuances of working with each individual, and how he appreciates every type of personality:

“I’m very grateful to the members who’ve been here a long time, and to those who were here with this for a short time, to help the team grow as well as me being able to gain perspective to help as a leader.”


Looking inward, Sean’s motto is simple: “Serving one’s duties in state and life faithfully.” Essentially, he believes that by making sure every small aspect of the job is completed faithfully, he’s setting himself up to carry out the bigger picture with the same diligence. It’s the kind of mentality that shines in a role that operates in the background rather than being observed by the public. Sean’s focus is on perfecting the task at hand, which has not gone unnoticed by DK leadership or our client. He walks both worlds with real professionalism and we’re fortunate to have his leadership.

Outside of work, Sean is an accomplished runner and swimmer. Last year, he competed in his first 5k race, placing 1st in his age group and 7th overall in a regional Lansing event. He’s a former competitive swimmer as well and might return to racing down the road. Just like with his work, it’s all about mastery of each technique he tackles. “There’s a lot to do.”

While Sean’s impact on Lansing’s Central Control is undeniable, his greatest strength may lie in the personal attention he gives to each operator under his guidance. Sean embraces diversity, encourages personal growth, and has developed a team of experts that are equipped to deal with any situation they’re dealt. It’s leaders like Sean who ensure that DK remains at the forefront of the security industry – in Michigan and beyond.

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