DK is a leading provider of uniform security services striving to continuously raise the standards in the private security industry. We provide highly trained uniform security officers, armed officers, and executive protection agents to major corporations, private entities, non-profit agencies, public arenas and Federal and State agencies for a variety of security needs.


DK Security offers armed security guards in either a uniform or in plain clothes, depending on the situational needs and client requests. We provide over 17,000 hours of armed services each month.


DK Security has secured over 5,000 events throughout Michigan since 1996. We have successfully secured events ranging in size from over 100,000 attendees to intimate gatherings that require a subtle presence.


DK Security originally began as an investigations firm in 1995 before expanding to include additional security services. DK Security has completed more than 3,000 private investigations and has recovered millions in client assets.


DK Security has provided executive protection to hundreds of executives, entertainers, politicians, dignitaries, and many others who are often under potential threat. We focus on the needs of our clients and can fully customize our protection operations.


Every organization is exposed to risks and threats. Our goal is to provide you with the security expertise to protect your organization’s most important assets. In addition to providing an organization with the knowledge to improve risk and threat, we also offer employee training for emergency situations, such as CPR/AED/First Aid and Active Shooter Training.


We offer background screening services to organizations seeking to ensure high-quality hiring practices, and property owners screening a potential tenant. We also provide a more in-depth step of background screening with our fingerprinting services.


Our Loss Prevention services are designed to help identify and address potential problems within your organization that lead to significant financial loss. We assess a company’s daily operations, policies, and procedures, and general security practices to determine the most efficient method for reducing shrink and identifying internal and external vulnerabilities for theft and fraud.


HonorLine is an anonymous hotline owned and operated by DK Security and designed for use our clients to report suspected criminal and unethical conduct within their organization.