Mobile Patrol Security Services For Businesses

On-the-go security—driving the future of cost-effective site protection.

Mobile Patrol Security Services For Businesses

On-the-go security—driving the future of cost-effective site protection.

What Is a Mobile Patrol?

Demand for security is steadily climbing, but not every organization requires the same traditional security presence. Mobile patrol security is a cost-effective way to ensure the safety of your staff and property without the need for a consistent security guard presence.

Mobile patrols take the standard duties of a guard on-the-go, placing a DK officer in a marked security vehicle to monitor multiple sites over the course of a shift.

Unarmed Mobile Security Guards

Like with traditional security guards, mobile patrol officers may be unarmed or armed at a client’s request. Mobile guards are generally unarmed staff and are always well-equipped to protect your people and property. From a marked security vehicle, unarmed guards may patrol perimeters, check access points, respond to emergencies, and more.

Armed Mobile Security Guards

Sometimes, the sight of uniformed security is not enough to deter criminals. In the right situation, armed mobile security may be used to elevate the visual deterrence and safeguarding a patrol normally provides.

Whether or not a mobile guard carries a firearm depends on all applicable laws and regulations, as well as a discussion on services requested and budgetary considerations. Any mobile patrol equipped with a firearm that is deployed to your work site must also meet strict eligibility requirements and possess all necessary licenses.

Benefits of a Mobile Security Patrol

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Crime Deterrence

Mobile security guards are an excellent visual deterrent to theft. The sight of a marked security vehicle discourages would-be criminals from disturbing your property; each DK mobile patrol unit comes equipped with clear markings and a flashing vehicle light to do just that. 

Periodic monitoring also positions a mobile patrol to identify and report trespassing, vandalism, and other suspicious occurrences. In most cases, approaching a scene with lights flashing helps dissolve unwanted activity. Should a situation escalate, mobile security guards are professionally trained to resolve instances of trespassing and vandalism. 

Having a security vehicle periodically surveilling also protects your assets. Mobile patrols are available to lock down your buildings at the end of the night, keep an eye on valuable equipment, and investigate any suspicious activity on the premises.

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Rapid Alarm Response

When your alarm system is triggered, a mobile patrol is trained to immediately respond and investigate no matter which alarm company you use. Our staff rapidly alerts you and the authorities to any crimes or disturbances that require an additional response.

Mobile security officers can also be trained to check doors, alarms, interior temperatures, and other systems after hours. A thorough understanding of your premises is important for every mobile patrol and leads to rapid responses.

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Public Safety

A marked vehicle is an unmistakable presence not only as a deterrent to criminal activity but also as a resource to the public. People may approach a mobile patrol for help with directions and other inquiries; it is all part of the “hospitality security” approach to customer service that we instill in all DK employees.

Why Us

Why Choose DK Security?

DK Security has been providing security guard services of the highest quality since 1995. We guarantee timely and communicative management, emphasize hospitality with all staff, and have extensive experience in providing mobile security. Over 50 DK-marked patrol vehicles currently protect clients across the state of Michigan and in various industries.

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Industries We Serve

The security sector is unique in its versatility, and organizations of every industry deserve to feel safe and free from crime. Mobile patrols help bring affordable security options to a wide range of businesses, each with their own unique security needs.

Mobile patrols are highly effective in downtown areas, where businesses that operate closely with one another may enter into a joint partnership for a security patrol. Any business, however, that deals with loitering, vandalism, and off-hours safety concerns may benefit from the regular monitoring of a DK vehicle patrol. Schools, retailers, hospitals, construction sites, concert venues, and more can benefit from mobile patrols.


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