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Security Services at All Levels of Government

As the keyholders to some of our most sensitive facilities, information, and other assets, government agencies hold a level of responsibility that cannot be understated. As threats and risks to physical security continuously expand and evolve, enlisting a security company you can trust is among the most important decisions a government can make.

DK Security has been dedicated to the protection of government facilities for over 20 years. Working with governing bodies at the city, state, and federal levels, we have proven ourselves capable of handling security contracts of all sizes and complexities. DK understands the unique challenges that these agencies face, from designing security protocols to deploying highly qualified uniformed guards across multiple work sites.

Whether your institution requires armed or unarmed security officers, executive protection for high-ranking officials, or a combination of protective services, DK Security is ready to develop a trustworthy partnership that exceeds government specifications and becomes indispensable to your operations.

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DK Security helps prevent loss, theft, damage, and destruction at government facilities by starting with a watchful eye. 24/7 surveillance is a core responsibility for security guards at all types of government buildings; it enables security teams to respond quickly and mitigate threats. On-site camera monitoring and physical access control are two key ways DK prevents disruption to government workspaces.

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Government facilities house sensitive information and assets that cannot be afforded to fall into the wrong hands. Even more important is the safety of government staff and officials who may be at risk of physical harm. Highly trained DK Security guards — and, when called on, executive protection specialists — meet these protective needs through patrolling, active monitoring, responding immediately to potential threats, and integrating with existing security systems.

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As a private security company, DK provides professional security services of the highest standard. Each DK officer deployed in the government sector is carefully screened, thoroughly trained in industry-specific coursework, and learns what we call “hospitality security” in order to best serve your organization. Our customer service-based “G.I.F.T.S.” hospitality training focuses on first impressions, professionalism, being a resource to client staff and guests, and ensuring safe environments within our care.


Our Government Security Solutions

DK Security has spent over two decades developing a suite of professional security services that work together to protect sensitive government facilities, assets, and officials. Whether you need the robust coverage of an executive protection specialist or armed security guards, the approachability of unarmed officers who reinforce access points and interact with the public, or a combination of multiple services, DK is your security solution.

Why Us

Why Choose DK Security?

DK Security is Michigan’s largest local security company and one of the 50 largest of its kind in the United States. Our first major partnerships with government agencies began in 2006 with the goal of safeguarding our most vital facilities. DK has a thorough understanding of the unique and elevated security needs of these institutions — from courthouses to city halls and administrative buildings — and has both the resources and industry expertise to carry out government security contracts of all sizes.

Our company was founded on the conviction that security firms should be timely and communicative, and provide the highest quality services possible. That guarantee continues today; we provide locally involved management teams, emphasize hospitality, and host a dedicated in-house recruitment team for all government security clients.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Manufacturing Client

“DK Security and its staff are the commensurate professionals. They listen to their client needs and tailor their security service to what best fits the client. Would highly recommend them to any organization seeking the best in onsite security.”

Manufacturing Client

Macatawa Bank

“Always have and always will recommend DK! I had the privilege of knowing both Bob and John and feel this is the best security company out there—you are treated as a true client, not just a customer!”

Macatawa Bank

Southwestern Michigan College

“I am impressed with DK’s reliability. From day one they have ensured that anytime our campus’ are open for students they are on duty with a professional and knowledgeable staff member.”

Southwestern Michigan College


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