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Binti Employee Spotlight

DK Security has proven to be a great stepping stone for a future career in law enforcement. We are proud to showcase a few of our many accomplished alumni and wish them the best as they serve and protect.

Security Guard Career Paths

Become a Police Officer

Tyler Kinsey (Police Officer, Alma Police Department) and Noah Farrant (Police Officer, Grandville Police Department) each spent three years with DK Security before stepping into law enforcement careers. Here’s what each of them had to say about their time with DK.

Alma Police Department

Tyler Kinsey

“I was given the opportunity to enhance my communication skills, people skills, situational experience and overall knowledge, all of which have helped me in becoming a police officer. Each position I held with DK came with a unique challenge, and the company did a great job providing me a platform to overcome these challenges and grow from them. I would like to express how thankful I am to this company and the people I worked alongside. I believe one of the reasons I made it to where I am today at such a young age is because of the positive experience I had at DK Security.”

Grandville Police Department

Noah Farrant (pictured)

“The countless reports that I wrote pertaining to loss prevention helped prepare me for one of the most important yet least talked about job requirements of being a police officer. I also think that my time at DK furthered my people skills. My advice to prospective students or those striving to become a police officer is to always better yourself and set goals. There might not be your dream job in the CJ field right away when you graduate, but in time you can work towards it. Use DK and all of the opportunities there to form a network and reach your goals.”

Join the U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Becoming a police officer is far from the only law enforcement career path a DK alumni can take. Josh was first a criminal justice student while working part-time with DK Security before becoming a United States border patrol agent. Here’s what he had to say about his professional development:

U.S. Border Patrol


 “I believe my time at DK gave me my first real glimpse into the world of law enforcement and further convinced me that it was the career I wanted to pursue. Furthermore, it gave me applicable experience in a professional environment further ensuring that I would be able to succeed at the next level. I would advise current CJ students to ensure that this is a career they are willing to be a part of. We live in a society that needs protecting but doesn’t always appreciate being protected. It’s a dangerous job with little recognition, it’s a job that needs passionate and motivated individuals. Get a security job, go on ride-alongs, do research, talk to those in the field, etc. If it’s for you, study hard, stay out of trouble, and go make a difference in your community.”

Protect Public Safety

Similar to police officers, becoming a public safety officer is a viable career path for those first trained in private security at DK. Here’s what two public safety officers had to say about the influence our company had on their development:

Rockford Public Safety

Ian Graham

“I developed basic investigation skills through training and experience gained at DK. I also learned how to communicate effectively, while wearing a uniform and taking enforcement action. Without arrest powers, I had to learn to rely on my communication abilities to gain voluntary compliance. This helped me to develop the “gift of gab” that I use every day as a police officer.”

Kalamazoo Public Safety

Caleb Jones (pictured)

“My time at DK assisted with my career advancement in law enforcement, particularly my time as an armed guard. Along with being in a position of authority, becoming comfortable handling and carrying a firearm are valuable assets which can ease the transition into law enforcement. We live in delicate times that are growing increasingly critical of officers. As a result, law enforcement agencies are becoming more cautious of whom they select. Using DK is one of many assets you should consider in order to achieve your career goals.”

Excel in Law Enforcement

Alumni of DK Security have also advanced into supervisory law enforcement roles after stints with our company. Joslyn Narber, Denver Sheriff Deputy, is one such example. Former Michigan State Police officer Robert Perry also credits DK with advancing his career. We asked each of them about their goals in public service.

Denver Sheriff Deputy

Joslyn Narber (pictured)

“My time at DK led me down my current career path in law enforcement. I did not go to school for a criminal justice degree, however working many areas within DK opened my eyes to the excitement of helping protect our community. My advice to current students interested in law enforcement is to not pursue this career if it is your sole purpose to boss people around. This is a customer service based profession and everyone’s mindset needs to be positive and you must WANT to help others.”

Michigan State Police (Formerly)

Robert Perry

“This was a job that helped me grow towards my goal of eventually being a law enforcement officer. My biggest takeaway was learning to interact with people of different views. As a police officer, you cannot just say that I’m the boss this is how it goes. This opportunity gave me real-world examples when interviewing, and it gave me a solid foundation heading into law enforcement. I completed service as an officer with the Michigan State Police, and currently hold a position with a large corporation focusing on credit card fraud.”

Why DK

Why Choose a Career in Security?

The reasons to pursue a career in security are numerous. Employees of DK Security help keep our communities safe while enjoying flexible scheduling, professional development opportunities, and meaningful work. Meet some more people who have built a career in security below.

Binti Employee Spotlight

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Mike Employee Spotlight

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Lydia Employee Spotlight

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Our Alumni Have Experience in Security at the Highest Levels

Some of the biggest names in the business trust the DK team to:

  • Protect politicians: Politicians and dignitaries experience special safety risks and thus benefit from elevated security. DK Security alumni have coordinated travel, physical security, and communicated with embassies and other agencies to ensure safety for high-profile individuals.
  • Safeguard celebrities: In situations with increased visibility and accessibility — like red carpet events, conferences, and other venues — DK alumni have handled travel, crowd control, screenings, and emergency response.
  • Secure venues: DK’s event security division was created to meet the protection needs of events and venues, large and small. Former employees of DK Security have experience with hospitality security at events and are committed to the safety of every attendee under their watch. 

Gain Security Experience at DK

Whether you are looking for a fulfilling career in private security, a stepping stone towards law enforcement, or part-time employment for students or retirees, apply today to start gaining valuable security experience at DK.


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