Background Screening Services

Cost-effective background screening packages to protect your business and give you peace of mind.

Background Screening Services

Cost-effective background screening packages to protect your business and give you peace of mind.

What Is Background Screening?

Background screening services check potential or current employees and tenants for publicly available data about their personal and professional lives. Background checks can capture information about consumer credit, previous and current employers, worker’s compensation claims, criminal history records, sexual offender lists, wants and warrants records, motor vehicle records, military records, educational verification, license verification, civil cases, and more. 

Background Check for Employment

DK Security uses InstaScreen as an online pre-employment screening tool. This is an easy-to-use tool that provides instant access via the online InstaScreen client portal. Clients are notified by email once a background screening order is complete, and may check the status of an order anytime. All screening requests are reviewed by our executive team and given personal, speedy attention so you can focus on finding the right employees quickly and cost-effectively.

Tenant Background Check

Background checks for tenants are a useful tool for landlords to identify quality tenants and discourage applicants with something to hide. DK Security is available to screen potential tenants for credit scores, employment information, criminal history records, sex offender lists, motor vehicle records, and more.

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Fingerprinting Services

DK Security also provides a more in-depth step of the background screening process: fingerprinting services. We use Live Scan devices to acquire high-quality, digital image fingerprints, which are then submitted to the State of Michigan and the FBI’s relevant national registry (the Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System). 

We offer same-day scheduling for fingerprinting appointments at our Grand Rapids, Lansing, and metro Detroit offices. If you have a large group in need of fingerprinting service, our team will also travel to your place of business upon request. 

Benefits of Background Screening Services

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Greater Trust

Conducting thorough background checks with DK Security ensures that you can fully trust new employees who will be exposed to valuable information about your organization. DK Security will assist you with interpreting results and understanding the best practices for your industry’s security needs.

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Quick Answers

At DK Security, the results of a background check for employment are generally available within 24 hours. We are committed to providing fast and personal service that leads to safe workplaces and qualified employees. 

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Customizable History

The duration of time that falls within a background check depends on industry standards and a client’s own benchmarks. A DK Security screening client usually chooses between three-year, five-year, seven-year, or 10-year time ranges—although background checks may be obtained for up to 15 years of prior history. 

Why Choose DK Security?

When your organization needs reliable background screening services, turn to the expert investigators at DK Security. Though we are most well-known for providing uniformed security guard services, DK Security was actually first established in 1995 as a security and investigations firm. Conducting thorough, speedy, and accurate background checks aligns seamlessly with our investigative roots, which have been central to our decades of security experience. 

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Industries We Serve

Background screening services deliver vital knowledge to organizations across all industries that need to make informed hiring and rental decisions. Any employee you onboard is exposed to valuable company assets, making it crucial that you can fully trust each new hire added to your work team. DK Security is equipped to customize pre-employment screening packages to your unique situation, no matter the industry.

Get Tenant & Employee Background Checks

We encourage you to reach out to us regarding your organization’s need for background checks and fingerprinting services. If you’re interested in having a conversation about our security services and finding the right fit for you, contact us today.