HonorLine: Anonymous Employee Hotline

HonorLine is an anonymous hotline owned and operated by DK Security, designed for use by our clients to report suspected criminal and unethical conduct within their organization.

HonorLine: Anonymous Employee Hotline

HonorLine is an anonymous hotline owned and operated by DK Security, designed for use by our clients to report suspected criminal and unethical conduct within their organization.

What Can You Report to HonorLine?

“If I had only known….” is an all-too-common expression by corporate executives after they learn of ongoing criminal or unethical misconduct within their organization. Billions of dollars are lost annually by U.S. companies as a result of internal theft, fraud or employee misconduct. In many cases, these losses and damages could have been significantly reduced if the company had in place a means for employees to anonymously report information to uncover and stop illegal or dangerous actions by employees and vendors.

With HonorLine, employees are able to confidentially communicate with DK Security as a third-party rather than management within your organization. Employers and executives can be made aware of issues immediately through our system, which allows your employees and management teams to promptly address internal concerns via phone or online form before they lead to larger issues.

Internal Theft

HonorLine is an invaluable tool for detecting and preventing costly internal fraud and theft. Employees often observe concerning behaviors first, from smaller claims to serious threats. By allowing staff to discreetly report fraud or theft without fear of retaliation, your organization is less likely to suffer financial, legal and reputational damages from financial crimes that might otherwise go unnoticed or unaddressed. 

Dangerous/Illegal Activities

Various dangerous or illegal behaviors may come from within your ranks and threaten workplace safety and ethics. Anonymous reporting empowers your staff to flag violations of company discrimination, harassment and even violent conduct that would otherwise fly under the radar. Negative incidents have the potential for serious consequences to internal operations, public relations, and financial stability. Implementing HonorLine ensures that issues reported are addressed properly with a lower risk of unwarranted publicity and damage to reputations.

Employee Misconduct

HonorLine is not just a tool for reporting criminal activity; it’s also a resource for dealing with employee misconduct as a whole. Violations of company ethics, values, and policies can be just as harmful to a workplace as theft and other internal crime. Absenteeism, time theft, verbal abuse, lack of professionalism, and falsified reporting are just a few of the many ways employees can demonstrate misconduct. HonorLine helps your staff hold each other accountable on policy and basic professionalism, strengthening the operation of your work teams.

Benefits of Having an Anonymous Employee Hotline

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Prevent Losses

HonorLine gives executives early insight into brewing issues before “If I had only known…” becomes a costly reality. By implementing an anonymous reporting system with DK, companies can detect theft, fraud or other policy-breaking activities in time for leadership to intervene and minimize harm.

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Protect Employees

The presence of an anonymous tip line demonstrates to employees that your company wants to be made aware of their concerns, and values full reporting with the assurance of confidential communication. It promotes a culture of honesty and integrity among your employees.

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Increase Accountability

By thoroughly investigating and resolving reports received via HonorLine, your organization will demonstrate that anonymous concerns about employee misconduct are given the serious attention they deserve. This kind of accountability ultimately works towards a workplace of fairness and safety for all — from entry-level staff all the way to the highest levels of leadership.

Why Us

Why Choose DK Security?

DK Security has been protecting client workplaces with the HonorLine anonymous tip line since the 1990s, tailoring our resources to your organization’s unique policies and procedures. Our anonymous reporting system, available by phone or online form, gives your staff the confidence to take workplace safety and culture into their own hands before issues escalate. HonorLine is backed by experienced DK tip line professionals that take every report seriously and provide third-party support that encourages honest reporting.

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Industries We Serve

Regardless of industry or company size, any organization with employees stands to gain from HonorLine’s anonymous reporting capabilities. Our service promotes open communication without fear of retaliation, allowing every industry to be proactive in identifying and acting on internal threats. Additionally, DK can tailor HonorLine to align with the specific policy and procedural needs of virtually any industry to best serve an organization’s ethical culture.


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