Emergency Preparedness Training for Employees

Emergencies in the workplace are rare, but they do happen. Train your team to respond to unexpected situations quickly, safely, and efficiently.

Emergency Preparedness Training for Employees

Emergencies in the workplace are rare, but they do happen. Train your team to respond to unexpected situations quickly, safely, and efficiently.

Our Emergency Preparedness Training Programs

Emergency preparedness training for employees can help reduce the risk of injury to your staff and damage to your facilities. At DK Security, we offer safety training courses for situational awareness in the workplace, active shooter threats, verbal de-escalation, and first aid/medical emergencies.

Situational Awareness Training in the Workplace

Training in situational awareness skills contributes to safer, more efficient, and productive work environments. Heightened awareness by an employee of their surroundings can mean the difference between a poorly and properly managed emergency situation; on a daily level, it benefits informed decision-making and general personal safety.

Active Shooter Training for Businesses

A tailored training course for responding to an active shooter threat educates your employees with strategies that can truly save lives in the most heightened of emergency situations. In the event of an active shooter or aggressor, first reactions are critical to survival and prevent casualties. Emergency training — provided by industry leaders in crisis management — with a focus on armed threats helps your employees see the danger and improve reaction times during a crisis.

Verbal De-Escalation Training Classes

Despite the unpredictability of hostile situations, there are a variety of strategies your employees can learn to diffuse a confrontation before it escalates. In a custom verbal de-escalation training class, we’ll teach your staff how to recognize when a threat or hostile action may evolve by paying attention to a person’s mannerisms, actions, and reactions — and how to use conflict resolution tools to find a peaceful solution.

First Aid, CPR & AED Training

DK prepares your staff for moments that matter in all kinds of situations. The tools to deal with medical emergencies of varying severity are within reach; our First Aid, CPR & AED training takes potentially lifesaving strategies directly to your employees at all levels. Like with all DK emergency preparedness training options, medical courses are always customized to meet your unique security and safety needs.

Why Is Emergency Preparedness Important?

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Peace of Mind

When your staff is well-trained in preventing and handling dangerous situations, they will feel more confident when they’re faced with an emergency at their workplace.

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Emergency Protocol Readiness

Setting an emergency plan reduces the risk of personal injury and property damage. A plan provides your employees with essential guidance to handle unexpected and potentially dangerous situations without complete panic.

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An Investment in Safety

When you offer emergency training, it shows you have confidence in your employees and view them as assets to your team. Holding annual training sessions additionally reminds employees of existing plans, informs them of policy updates, and improves their response to crises.

DK Security Can Prepare Your Employees

DK excels in providing customized emergency preparedness training classes for your employees. Our variety of training courses may either be scheduled as one-time appearances at your place of work or made as frequently as necessary.

Each class begins with a high-level conversation about your unique organizational challenges and the topics that would be best addressed by our safety leaders. Each personalized curriculum is developed in coordination between our leadership team and yours, all to best fit the specific safety training needs of your organization. Our educators are then available to travel to your place of work to deliver a single training class or a series of sessions with varying length and complexity.

Ask us about our full library of customizable training courses, cost to your organization, and available certifications today.

What Our Clients Say About Us

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“DK Security and its staff are the commensurate professionals. They listen to their client needs and tailor their security service to what best fits the client. Would highly recommend them to any organization seeking the best in onsite security.”

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“Always have and always will recommend DK! I had the privilege of knowing both Bob and John and feel this is the best security company out there—you are treated as a true client, not just a customer!”

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Southwestern Michigan College

“I am impressed with DK’s reliability. From day one they have ensured that anytime our campus’ are open for students they are on duty with a professional and knowledgeable staff member.”

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Industries We Serve

DK Security training courses equip workforces across industries with the situational awareness, response skills, and medical knowledge necessary to handle emergencies. When you operate in a work environment of any kind, you expose yourself to a certain risk of danger. DK emergency preparedness training gives you and your staff the confidence and knowledge to handle unexpected crises, accidents, or other extreme situations.


Get Emergency Preparedness Training for Your Workplace Today

We encourage you to reach out to us regarding your organization’s need for emergency preparedness training of any kind. If you’re interested in having a conversation about our training and consultation services in Michigan, Indiana, or Ohio, contact us today.