Physical Security Assessments

Preventing threats before they have a chance to endanger your team and facilities. 

Physical Security Assessments

Preventing threats before they have a chance to endanger your team and facilities. 

What Is a Security Audit?

When a tornado warning is issued in your area, you know exactly what to do. You have natural disaster plans put in place for your own safety and protection. The security of your business should be no different. Dangerous situations are preventable, and DK Security can develop a safety plan for you to prevent them from ever occurring.

Some organizations may only need a simple review of a building’s physical access. Others may require a more in-depth look at all security policies and procedures. DK offers complete audits of your company’s security to ensure you and your employees are equipped to handle stressful situations before they become damaging or hazardous. 

Building Security Assessment

Checking the physical security of your building is a cornerstone for the expert security consultants at DK. A security audit is designed to thoroughly inspect all entry points, test your access control systems, and evaluate procedures for receiving employees and visitors. When applicable, our auditors will also examine perimeter fencing and other barriers to make sure no one can gain unauthorized entry to your facilities.

Audit of Security Policies & Procedures

Our security audit team will conduct an in-depth assessment of each current security policy, plan, and procedure you have in place to keep threats out and sensitive information safe. It’s crucial to identify any gaps, inconsistencies, and other procedural risks that make your organization vulnerable to threats — both external and internal. When you consult the audit experts at DK, you come away with realistic upgrades to your policies and procedures for a safer future.

Pre-Employment Screening Review

Security threats are not always external. Unfortunately, they can also come from within your organization. During the audit process for internal security concerns, DK may find vulnerabilities in your hiring processes or employee policies. When you need a thorough review of your staff, our pre-employment background screening services are an excellent additional resource for delivering peace of mind about the people you employ.

Audit of High-Risk Termination Procedures

You can’t always predict how an employee will react to having their employment terminated. In case of confrontation or threats of violence, it’s vital to have high-risk termination procedures in place. At DK Security, we can calculate the risk of a termination by providing a full threat assessment that outlines our expert recommendations and prepares you to deal with your next uncomfortable personnel decision.

Logistics Security

When logistics are a focal point of your business, you often require an extra layer of security procedures. Our expert consultants will evaluate every facet of your operations, from shipping and receiving to inventory control and facility management. Doing so allows DK to identify potential security gaps, shore up your surveillance and access controls, and ultimately reduce the risk of breakage and shrinkage in your logistics system.

Benefits of a Physical Security Risk Assessment

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Determine Vulnerabilities

The greatest value DK Security provides as a consultant or auditor is the precise exposure of where your policies, procedures, and facilities are ill-protected against security threats. Many organizations feel secure, but don’t realize the gaps that could be exploited by those wishing to take advantage of your business. A DK audit gives you objective, actionable reporting on how to translate risks into opportunities for improved security.

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Get Advice from Experts

The DK Security team was founded by career federal law enforcement professionals and has provided expert security insight across industries since 1995. Today, we are Michigan’s largest locally owned security provider and our industry leaders help you bridge the knowledge gap with clear analysis and attentive client service throughout a security audit. DK has provided security services for nearly 30 years and has seen it all.

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Protect Your Assets & Employees

In our nation’s current state of civil unrest, violence, and protests, it’s every organization’s responsibility to ensure the safety of their workforce by protecting your company from risk, both outside and from within. An audit conducted by DK Security will provide you with the actionable information and expert justification you need to protect your team and facilities.

Why Us

Why Choose DK Security?

At DK Security, we make conducting a security audit comprehensive and easy to understand. The process starts with a free threat assessment by industry experts; we’ll review your current security program and give you expert analysis and recommendations for improvement. DK delivers the factual, objective reporting you need to ensure the security of your team and facility at a price that fits within your budget.

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Virtually every industry is exposed to security risks of some kind. A fresh look at access control, surveillance measures, emergency systems, and other procedures through security auditing limits your exposure to threat, damage, and compromise. DK Security protects a wide variety of organizations and is prepared to weigh in on the specific industry challenges you face in an increasingly insecure world. 


Strengthen Your Workplace Security

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