Fingerprinting Services

Fingerprinting is required in various industries to obtain certain jobs or certifications. Find fingerprinting services near you today through DK Security.

Fingerprinting Services

Fingerprinting is required in various industries to obtain certain jobs or certifications. Find fingerprinting services near you today through DK Security.

What Is Fingerprinting?

Fingerprinting involves taking an impression of a person’s fingerprints and submitting it to the Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System (IAFIS), the FBI’s national fingerprint and criminal history registry. There, the agency compares an individual’s fingerprint impression against its database to see if the potential employee is known to law enforcement. All information gathered by the FBI is returned to the submitter in a summary of criminal history.

While traditional ink-and-roll fingerprinting is still available at some providers (including law enforcement agencies), we prefer electronic Live Scan fingerprinting at DK Security. Our sophisticated scanners create a complete and accurate digital image of each fingerprint, which is then sent and processed more quickly by the IAFIS than a physical card. 

A successful Live Scan fingerprint begins with scheduling an appointment at one of our corporate offices, where our streamlined process moves from fingerprint collection to transmission speedily and cost-effectively. Once received by the relevant state agency and IAFIS, a fingerprint record generates an electronic receipt and is processed.

Why Fingerprinting Is Important

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Protect Proprietary Knowledge

If your business handles highly sensitive or proprietary information, it’s important to hire employees you know you can trust. Fingerprinting gives you insight into whether job candidates are known to law enforcement and in what context. It can also be used as part of a larger, more comprehensive background screening process.

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Provide Safety

Obtaining a record of criminal history is required for the education sector. Especially for organizations that interact directly with children, it is vital to provide safe workplaces and hire the most qualified people possible.

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Qualify for Certifications & Licenses

Fingerprinting is often a necessary step to obtain various professional certifications and licenses. Whether you’re interested in a liquor, camping, daycare, concealed pistol (CPL), driver education instruction, transportation, or other license or certificate, fingerprinting is required as part of the qualification process.

Fingerprinting Services for Every Industry

Live Scan fingerprinting services have special value for a specific set of employers during the employment screening process. Most often, education institutions require their employees to pass the scrutiny of a fingerprint screening, especially if a staff member will be working with children. Camps, daycares, and other organizations responsible for child safety all need to confidently screen job candidates. 

Apart from that, fingerprinting services are most useful to companies that require a liquor license to operate, as well as firearm-carrying organizations and other professionally certified institutions that require criminal history checks. You will also find fingerprinting requirements for driver education schools, homes for the aged, the transportation sector, and more.

Live Scan Fingerprinting Services from DK Security

DK provides fingerprinting services in accordance with Michigan’s employment regulations. In addition to the FBI, fingerprints collected at our branch offices are received and reviewed by the State of Michigan. 

We offer same-day fingerprinting appointments at each of our three Michigan offices: Grand Rapids, Lansing, and metro Detroit. Should you require fingerprinting for a larger roster of staff, our team is available to travel to your place of work for group collection.

Note to individuals: To complete a fingerprinting appointment, please bring a completed Live Scan Fingerprint Background Check Request form from your employer as well as proper identification (driver’s license or other government-issued picture ID)!


How Much Does Fingerprinting Cost?

A digital fingerprint scan provided by DK Security costs $65 (cash or card accepted) at any of our three Michigan corporate offices.

What Our Clients Say About Us

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“DK Security and its staff are the commensurate professionals. They listen to their client needs and tailor their security service to what best fits the client. Would highly recommend them to any organization seeking the best in onsite security.”

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Macatawa Bank

“Always have and always will recommend DK! I had the privilege of knowing both Bob and John and feel this is the best security company out there—you are treated as a true client, not just a customer!”

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Southwestern Michigan College

“I am impressed with DK’s reliability. From day one they have ensured that anytime our campus’ are open for students they are on duty with a professional and knowledgeable staff member.”

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Find Fingerprinting Services Near You

We encourage you to consider fingerprinting services for relevant criminal history verification in the education sector as well as the pursuit of professional certifications and licenses. If you’re interested in scheduling a fingerprinting appointment or learning more about our process, contact us today.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Once a digital fingerprint impression is received by the state and the FBI, a summary of results is usually returned to the submitter via email within 24–48 hours.