Private & Corporate Investigations

Discreet, results-driven investigations since 1995.

Private & Corporate Investigations

Discreet, results-driven investigations since 1995.

What are Private Investigation Services?

A private investigation is a probe conducted by a licensed, professional investigator into a specific matter that requires discreet surveillance. Companies and individuals turn to our investigators in cases of fraud, worker’s compensation, harassment, and even threats of workplace violence. Since personal relationships can interfere with an investigation, DK Security acts as a neutral third party and will perform a discreet investigation that does not show bias or compromise your relationships.

Time is your most valuable resource — don’t waste it. Hiring a DK licensed investigator will save you from headaches and give you more time to focus on other important matters while giving your investigative concerns the attention they deserve. 

Fraud Investigation Services

Our investigators look into suspicions of financial deception or theft with a keen eye for detail. Through financial forensics, surveillance, and documentation searches, DK finds evidence of scams, embezzlement, and other deceptions against you or your organization.

Workers’ Comp Investigations

We conduct worker’s compensation investigations to help you distinguish valid employee claims from fraudulent ones. Typically involving surveillance of an individual receiving worker’s comp benefits, our team legally documents activity levels and identifies whether an injury truly meets the standard of your benefits program.

Sexual Harassment Investigations

Among the most sensitive types investigations, workplace sexual harassment claims require skillful interviewing and documentation review to prepare a factual and actionable report. DK Security investigators know how to establish the facts with the utmost professionalism and care for all parties involved. 

Anonymous Threats

An anonymous workplace threat inquiry by a DK investigator starts with an analysis of the threat and its credibility. Our highly experienced staff are equipped to discreetly interview personnel, identify potentially disgruntled individuals, and ultimately trace the origin of the threat to determine if a real security risk is at hand.

Employee Theft & Embezzlement Investigations

Unfortunately, financial threats often come from within an organization itself. When you have a suspicion about employee theft or embezzlement, DK is ready to identify missing funds and assets through financial audits, records inspection, and surveillance into suspected individuals.


With covert monitoring, photo documentation and eyewitness accounts, DK investigators compile evidence of vandalism and create a concrete case against those who wish to damage or deface your property. Especially in instances of repeated vandalism, a private investigation puts a swift end to crime.

Employee Drug Use

DK investigators may be deployed to ascertain whether an employee is using drugs on company property or reporting to work while under the influence. Our experts work to understand your company policies, collect eyewitness accounts, assist with “reasonable suspicion” drug screens, and document any potential usage of drugs that are either illegal or against company policy.

FMLA Surveillance

If an employee of yours is currently receiving Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) benefits for family and/or medical reasons, DK Security helps ensure that you are not being taken advantage of by someone looking to abuse the system. Our investigators conduct legal surveillance and document lifestyle changes to determine the validity of an FMLA claim.

Racial/Ethnic Intimidation

Claims of racial or ethnic intimidation are taken seriously at DK Security. In any such case, a private investigator may be employed to uncover evidence of workplace harassment, bullying or discrimination based on race or ethnic background. Our decades of experience in discreet fact-finding make DK professionals an invaluable resource when it comes to sensitive accusations that can have serious repercussions on your culture, business, and most importantly, your people.

Retail Loss

A retail loss investigation generally involves the gathering of evidence to find the source of stolen inventory or cash. In this environment, DK investigators may go undercover to carry out covert surveillance, documentation, and interviews to stop retail theft at its origin. 

Workplace Violence

When you suspect a threat of workplace violence, DK Security is the best in the business at assessing your unique situation and carrying out a careful plan of action. Our experienced team will not only conduct covert surveillance for you, but are also available to analyze concerning behaviors, interview coworkers, and do everything in our power to prevent a dangerous situation from escalating at your place of work.

Undercover Investigations

One of the main advantages of employing DK Security to carry out an investigation is our ability to go undercover and gather firsthand evidence without alerting a suspected individual to their presence. DK investigators are always licensed and experienced security professionals who know how to blend in and produce valuable investigative insights no matter the assignment.

Child Custody Investigations

A child custody investigation involves specialized surveillance of parenting lifestyles, interviews with those seeking custody, and comprehensive reporting on the fitness of a parent. The DK Security investigative team is there to help create the best outcome for a child when their custody is in question.

Benefits of Hiring Private Investigation Companies

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Each DK Security investigation is backed by the tools, resources, and knowledge base required to approach complex cases with professionalism. Our investigators also understand and comply with legal procedures to identify and collect all usable evidence.

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For companies seeking investigative services, it’s often the first time you are dealing with the suspicion of wrongdoing. With our experience and network of collaborators — from retired FBI agents to police officers, police academy graduates and other surveillance specialists — we bridge the knowledge gap quickly to get to the root of an issue without losing the thoroughness an investigation requires.

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We have completed more than 3,000 private investigations and have recovered millions in assets for our clients. Put your mind at ease with DK as we conduct a discreet, professional investigation that gets you real results. 

Why Us

Why Choose DK Security?

DK Security originally began as an investigations firm in 1995 before expanding to include additional security services. Investigations are our specialty.

Today, we are among the top 50 largest security companies in the country and consistently provide licensed, experienced private investigators to handle even the most complex cases. With nearly 30 years of experience, there’s no better resource than DK in getting the answers you really need from a private investigation.

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Industries We Serve

Private and corporate investigations are relevant to a vast group of industries. For corporations of any size, investigations that catch fraud and theft early help prevent unsustainable losses. Harassment and violence are also relevant risks to just about every workplace, and can be mitigated by undercover DK probes. Even on the individual level, a private investigation may deliver critical insights that influence personal and professional life decisions.

Whatever truth needs uncovering, our clients across industries can expect DK investigators to supply factual reporting and handle sensitive matters with discretion, respect, and experience you can trust.


Get Answers with DK Security

DK Security was founded on the promise of expert investigative services and has continued that commitment for nearly 30 years. Contact us today for a free conversation about private and corporate investigations with DK in Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio.