Executive Protection Services

Safeguarding your VIPs with our professionally trained executive protection specialists.

Executive Protection Services

Safeguarding your VIPs with our professionally trained executive protection specialists.

What Is Executive Protection?

High-profile individuals often need additional security measures and protection due to employment, status, net worth, or affiliations. These individuals and their families are much more vulnerable to threats — that’s where executive protection comes in. 

Executive protection — also known as close protection — specialists at DK Security limit threats, make travel safer, and increase productivity for business leaders, celebrities, and other VIPs. As bodyguards, logistics managers, and general security details, these specialized personnel safeguard high-profile clients by maintaining a physical presence, performing risk assessments, and responding immediately to any potential threat.

Secure Transports

Executive protection takes the friction and hassle out of transportation. A DK close protection specialist will act as a subtle security presence to limit a client’s exposure while maintaining the highest standard of communication on their behalf. They may also perform advance scouting for your VIPs to master unfamiliar destinations and ultimately make travel logistics as safe and efficient as possible.

Residential Security

In addition to safeguarding VIPs on the go, DK Security secures the residential properties of executive protection clients. Our team conducts an in-depth security assessment of the individual’s home to identify vulnerabilities and establish a custom scope of surveillance work that meets your needs. All VIP residential security plans are backed by 24/7 command center and management support to provide top-level protection without impacting client privacy or quality of life.

Red Carpet & Venue Security

DK executive protection teams have long specialized in securing high-profile events and appearances. In situations with increased visibility and accessibility — like red carpet events, conferences, and other venues — our close protection specialists coordinate travel, crowd control, screenings, and emergency response. Executive protection at venues and on red carpets puts VIPs at ease, clearing the way for them to focus on other priorities.

Dignitary Protection

Diplomats and other dignitaries experience special security risks and thus benefit from close protection. DK Security has provided executive protection to numerous diplomats, politicians, and other high-profile governmental personnel over the years, coordinating travel, physical security, and communicating with embassies and other agencies to ensure safety for these high-profile individuals.

Hostile Terminations

Terminations are common and necessary in business, but it’s difficult to predict how an employee will react to startling news. In cases of hostile termination, having an executive protection plan in place helps mitigate the risk of violence. DK provides clients with detailed recommendations and support both before and after a high-risk termination, which may include undercover surveillance for further violence prevention.

Private Security for Celebrities

Our executive protection services can be custom-tailored to the lifestyles of celebrities who face paparazzi, stalkers, and other security risks. Private security for celebrities involves the discrete residential, event, and transit protection of high-profile individuals, which allows them to focus on safely living their lives while we operate in the background.

Benefits of Having Personal Security Guards

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Trusted Service

The DK Security executive protection team consists of highly experienced professionals with law enforcement backgrounds, military experience, and specialized training in the executive protection industry. Each security professional we employ is carefully screened and trained, and each executive and VIP client receives guaranteed local and responsive management support. 

Executive protection officers may be exposed to sensitive or confidential situations while under your employ, and knowing that our staff cannot speak about what we see or hear while on duty is crucial to your trust in us. As a result, all DK protection specialists sign NDAs or confidentiality agreements that meet each client’s specific privacy requirements.

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Peace of Mind

At the bottom line, executive protection service is about providing peace of mind for business leaders and public figures alike. Your personal safety should not be keeping you up at night; hiring executive security allows VIPs to keep their primary focus while discreet professionals handle their protection.

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Ongoing Threat Analysis

Threat analysis is the cornerstone of all personal protection. DK Security executive protection specialists continuously gather and use protective intelligence to help prevent incidents from occurring. Comprehensive and up-to-date intelligence is a combination of proactive, predictive, and behavioral processes that we employ. 

Why Us

Choosing DK Security as Your Executive Protection Agency

DK Security has provided executive protection to hundreds of executives, entertainers, politicians, and other high-profile clients who live at an increased level of risk. Our executive protection specialists are experienced and low-profile, minimizing impact on normal daily activity while providing close protection of the highest quality. DK’s focus is on delivering fully custom protection operations that meet the specifications of VIP clients. 

What Our Clients Say About Us

Manufacturing Client

“DK Security and its staff are the commensurate professionals. They listen to their client needs and tailor their security service to what best fits the client. Would highly recommend them to any organization seeking the best in onsite security.”

Manufacturing Client

Southwestern Michigan College

“I am impressed with DK’s reliability. From day one they have ensured that anytime our campus’ are open for students they are on duty with a professional and knowledgeable staff member.”

Southwestern Michigan College

Macatawa Bank

“Always have and always will recommend DK! I had the privilege of knowing both Bob and John and feel this is the best security company out there—you are treated as a true client, not just a customer!”

Macatawa Bank


Industries We Serve

No matter the industry, executives and VIPs have unique security needs as they navigate busy schedules and public lives. Over many years, our executive security team has supported CEOs, politicians, celebrities, foreign dignitaries, and other high-profile clients. DK Security executive protection specialists allow prominent figures across industries to remain focused on what’s important to them while we handle their personal safety. 


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