Union Strike Security

When there’s a possibility of a strike at your organization, time is of the essence. That’s why it’s critical to prioritize and implement a security plan as soon as possible.

Union Strike Security

When there’s a possibility of a strike at your organization, time is of the essence. That’s why it’s critical to prioritize and implement a security plan as soon as possible.

What Is Labor Strike Security?

Labor strike security is crucial to protecting an organization’s buildings, products, and employees before and during a strike. Security officers who specialize in handling labor disputes are ideal for these situations; they understand the potential threats and risks and can help collect evidence in compliance with the National Labor Relations Act.

As a strike security company, DK Security works tirelessly to properly assess the threats and risks to your organization and take appropriate action. We start with a strike security analysis, which helps us develop a pre-strike management plan that best suits your needs. Once a strike begins, our security guards assist your leadership teams with carrying out a comprehensive security plan. 


The planning process ahead of a projected labor strike begins with submitting a security request. At DK, we are as proactive as possible; our leadership team will work to provide you with a strike security analysis and start pre-strike planning. Our tailor-made security plans involve coordinating a relationship with law enforcement and planning the safe continuity of business during a strike.


Once a strike plan is finalized, DK assists clients with preparing staff for working through a labor dispute event. Proper procedures for collecting and logging evidence are explained, employees are instructed on how to safely pass through a picket line, and further education is given on picketers — what’s legal vs. what isn’t. 

Benefits of Hiring a Strike Security Company Safety

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Facility Protection

Your facilities are also at risk of destruction and damage during a strike and are important to safeguard during any labor dispute. DK will review your building’s entry and exit areas to determine points of vulnerability as part of our pre-strike assessment. Developing a plan to ensure only authorized employees and customers may enter your buildings is yet another way we can assist your strike preparations.

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When you work with a professional strike security company, you ensure that both workers and employers are staying in compliance with the National Labor Relations Act. 

Why Us

Why Choose DK Security?

DK Security was established by a pair of law enforcement leaders in 1995 and is now Michigan’s largest local security firm. We also rank among the 50 largest security companies in the United States and are a woman-owned and woman-led organization.

We hold the conviction that security companies should be timely, communicative, and provide the highest quality of service — something that our larger competitors regularly fail at. Our local management teams, an emphasis on hospitality security, and dedicated in-house recruitment all strengthen our guarantee of quality to all DK clients.

DK Security provides security guards who are trained and experienced in labor dispute scenarios. From picket line security to evidence collection and documentation to employee transportation, investigations, and executive protection, we safely protect your people and assets during a strike.

All strike security officers deployed to your work site are equipped not only with the training necessary to keep hostile situations from escalating but also with our commitment to hospitality security. DK guards are problem-solving, courteous, professional, empathetic, and highly attentive to the security of those around them.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Manufacturing Client

“DK Security and its staff are the commensurate professionals. They listen to their client needs and tailor their security service to what best fits the client. Would highly recommend them to any organization seeking the best in onsite security.”

Manufacturing Client

Macatawa Bank

“Always have and always will recommend DK! I had the privilege of knowing both Bob and John and feel this is the best security company out there—you are treated as a true client, not just a customer!”

Macatawa Bank

Southwestern Michigan College

“I am impressed with DK’s reliability. From day one they have ensured that anytime our campus’ are open for students they are on duty with a professional and knowledgeable staff member.”

Southwestern Michigan College


Industries We Serve

Labor disputes can occur in various sectors, all with their own unique needs and challenges. DK Security has nearly 30 years of expertise in serving extensive industries, which has developed us into a partner that is capable of handling complex situations and unique requests with speed and professionalism. 

Energy, manufacturing, entertainment, academic institutions, healthcare constructions, and corporate offices are just a few of the many industries we regularly safeguard.


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When a labor dispute is looming, time is of the essence to implement a proper security plan. We encourage you to reach out to us regarding your organization’s need for labor strike security today. If you’re interested in having a conversation about our services in Michigan, Indiana, or Ohio, contact us.