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How DK Security partners with extensive industries

June 27, 2023

The security industry is special in its versatility – a quality security partner is adaptable and serves a wide range of industries. At DK Security, our nearly 30 years of experience has developed us into a partner that is capable of providing excellent service to various industries and unique security needs.

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Flexibility is built into the DK Security mission; our commitment to providing the highest quality security services possible stems from a motivation to learn, adapt, and grow as a trusted partner. We service unique requests, varied by scope and industry, for accounts of all sizes. Let’s walk through several of our most popular client industries and the ways we partner with them.


Security guards lie at the heart of the DK Security service offering; we have deployed uniformed officers since 1995 and have been a major partner to the Michigan energy industry for the last six years. Our guards protect critical energy infrastructure by performing surveillance, patrolling, responding to alarms, and controlling access points at key facilities across the state.

A professionally dressed DK Security guard stands post in the lobby of a metro Detroit government facility.


Our first major partnerships with government organizations began in 2006 with the goal of safeguarding some of our most vital institutions. DK Security guards at courthouses, for example, are critical to controlling access to main areas and sensitive locations. Again, surveillance is a core responsibility for security guards at all types of government buildings; a uniformed presence in public areas also highlights us as a resource to be used in times of emergency or incident.


Some of our first-ever major security partnerships have come from the entertainment industry; we’ve been providing security for West Michigan’s most popular event venues since the mid-90s. Besides providing traditional uniformed guards to secure complex venues during business- and off-hours, we have a dedicated event security team that supports operational staff on event days.

For concerts, sporting events, conventions, and more, our event staff conduct security screenings, guide guests to their seats, answer questions, elevate backstage security, and respond to emergencies.

A DK Security event staff security guard watches over the student section of a West Michigan collegiate football game.


Safety in schools is more top-of-mind than ever, with many institutions turning to security companies for front-facing safety support. Environmental supervision, surveillance of parking lots, and after-hours patrolling are all ways that our uniformed – and at times, armed – security officers provide peace of mind for students, parents, and school staff during a period when school violence is a major concern.


For organizations that are generally not open to the public, like manufacturing plants, perimeter and facility access control are extremely important. Keeping doors closed not only decreases the possibility of theft or vandalism, but it also protects uninvited visitors from exposure to dangerous machinery, chemicals, or other hazardous materials.

Access control is a main responsibility of our manufacturing sector personnel. Our people are equipped to welcome employees and their official visitors while checking for facility breaches from surveillance posts or on foot.


Like our presence in the manufacturing industry, DK personnel also serve food distribution centers in ways that facilitate traffic flow and authorized access. Our guards may be stationed at gated access points to communicate with drivers and around a facility to perform standard surveillance.

A public-facing DK Security guard tends to the reception desk of a Michigan healthcare facility.


DK Security considers personal health to be a crucial part of the security industry; we believe in healthcare as a critical infrastructure system that deserves a high-quality security presence. Area surveillance and front-desk reception are two of our main duties for this sector, with additional responsibilities filled as needed.

During the outbreak and height of the COVID-19 pandemic, DK Security employees were among the front lines of those continuing to report to in-person work. Much of this work – directing traffic and monitoring equipment for tampering, mainly – was in direct support of field hospitals and allowed medical professionals to continue their work without incident.


Building and construction sites are a unique security challenge: They are often expansive, contain highly valuable assets, and may lack existing infrastructure or power systems. DK has succeeded in providing security guards for developments during off-hours in an effort to deter trespassing, theft, and other unwanted occurrences.

Today, we are proud to additionally offer AI-based robotic security solutions as a perfect fit for highly targeted construction sites. New automated surveillance devices complement human personnel by commanding authority and providing full coverage for large open areas.

A DK Security guard, dressed in reflective gear, oversees the protection of a construction work site.


Airports are a vital network of both commercial and recreational travel and require a heavy security presence to operate properly. In coordination with federal agencies like the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), DK Security guards are posted at curbside and other front-facing airport locations. They greet visitors, monitor public areas, and help ensure the smooth operation of daily air travel.

Office Buildings

Corporate environments are another popular sector of ours to partner with. Many organizations benefit from security staff that not only surveil and monitor their premises but are also front-facing employees that receive guests and can be a resource in times of need. DK uniformed guards are often a first point of contact for visitors, making customer service a crucial part of any security job. Whether they are posted at a remote location or a corporate headquarters bustling with activity, each DK employee first undergoes extensive training not only related to classic guarding, but also to provide hospitality security.

Other popular industries protected by DK Security:

  • Museums
  • Non-profits
  • Data centers
  • Cannabis production
  • Residential areas
  • Banks
  • Malls
  • Libraries
  • Houses of worship
  • Political sites
  • Hotels
  • Marinas

In all, DK Security has extensive experience in providing solutions for a wide range of clients from many industries. As Michigan’s largest local security company, we offer the resources to handle any scale of security contract while also committing a responsive regional management team to your organization.

Whether your industry is public-facing, values access control, or has any number of unique security needs, DK is equipped to meet your challenges head-on and provide the highest quality of security services possible. If you’re interested in having a conversation about our services in Michigan, Indiana, or Ohio, contact us today.

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