Two RIO solar powered AI robotic device towers stand post in an open parking lot

Shining a light on solar-powered security with RIO™

August 29, 2023

Have you ever noticed a security camera sitting above solar panels on a tall pole? You may have seen them driving past a construction site, substation, or your local supermarket parking lot. Artificially intelligent solar-powered security is being used more and more these days to surveil open areas without the need for external power.

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Through our robotics partnership with Robotic Assistance Devices (RAD), DK Security is now offering clients this very solution, RIO (ROSA Independent Observatory). RIO takes RAD’s flagship artificial intelligence software on the go, placing continuous 360° surveillance atop a self-powered solar tower that can be deployed anywhere.

Industry-leading, AI-based monitoring and threat detection are not the only things that make RIO special, although its continuous learning already sets RIO apart as the smartest device of its kind. RIO also comes at a significantly cheaper price point than its competitors.

For some time, a single solar tower manufacturer had been the go-to for a similar solution. As the first and only company that was offering solar-powered surveillance, this provider enjoyed the liberty of naming their price. However, there’s been a significant shift in the market recently. RIO has emerged as the clear alternative, backed by several features:

  • Compared to others, RIO is significantly less expensive to deploy and operate. 
  • RIO doesn’t just record crime for later review; RIO’s autonomous response helps stop crimes-in-progress.  
  • A visual message board and two-way audio make RIO a next-level communication tool. 
  • The RIO Solar Tower features better battery power management than competing solar devices. 
  • According to clients who’ve switched from other solutions to RAD, changes to camera and software settings used to take up to three weeks but are now completed in real-time. 
  • RAD is a Michigan company and produces RIO completely in the Mitten State.

Other competing solar-powered surveillance units have popped up in recent years. They mimic the capabilities of the original solar security giant but fail to improve significantly on the concept or provide the same level of technical support that RAD does. Separately: Less expensive and more consumer-friendly options out there must be fixed to buildings and lose out on the mobility of a RIO Solar Tower.

Nothing exists in the market for mobile, solar-powered security solutions quite like the artificially intelligent RIO. As a partner to Michigan’s leading AI-based security provider, DK Security is proud to present cutting-edge, solar-powered surveillance and autonomous response at more affordable rates than our competitors. If you’re interested in learning more about deploying RIO at your work site in Michigan, Ohio, or Indiana, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today.

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