RIO, a solar-powered security robot produced by Robotic Assistance Devices (RAD), protects a retail property parking lot with its 360 degree camera view.

AI surveillance reduces crime and costs in retail case study

July 8, 2024

If you’ve been wondering whether AI would be a practical solution for your security needs, the picture is becoming clearer. A recent case study by Robotic Assistance Devices (RAD), our partner in AI-based security, gives new insight into reducing crime, improving operational efficiency, and saving money on security with AI. Let’s explore what it means to deploy RIO, a self-contained AI device, for smart security management at your place of work. 

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Changing the Game

RAD is making a difference in retail security management. Through deployment at multiple Midwestern retail properties, RIO security robots are showing that AI surveillance is a practical security solution for property managers. 

Every business has its own unique security challenges in today’s complex security landscape. Retail centers, for example, usually represent a large physical area that can be difficult to secure. Loitering, vandalism, and vehicle break-ins are just a few of the negative results of under-protected properties. 

Whether you oversee security for a retail location, construction site, or any number of large properties, RAD’s recent case study in retail security demonstrates that AI surveillance reduces crime and provides significant cost savings for its users.

RIO soaks up solar energy on a sunny day as its AI-based surveillance watches over a retail property parking lot.

What is RIO?

RIO is a completely self-contained security robot that uses industry-leading AI to manage your security. If you’re protecting a large area with no buildings to mount a camera on, RIO is the perfect solution for full security coverage.  

You might’ve already seen RIO at your local construction site, substation, or supermarket parking lot. Its sturdy “Solar Tower” solar powered trailer comes equipped with solar panels, a tall extendable neck, and a 360° field of view. RIO does not require external power and can be deployed anywhere, making it one of the most practical devices of its kind 

Some more fast facts: 

  • Compared to other solar-powered security devices, RIO is significantly less expensive to deploy and operate. 
  • RIO has autonomous response, which helps stop crimes-in-progress.  
  • Custom LED messages and two-way audio make RIO a next-level communication tool. 
  • The Solar Tower features better battery power management than its competitors. 
  • Camera and software updates don’t take weeks to happen – they’re made in real-time. 
  • RAD is a Michigan company and produces RIO locally. 

Real-World Impact

Hudson Services, a Midwestern retail property management company, faced significant security challenges at their various retail properties. Headlined by numerous car break-ins in their parking lots, they also experienced frequent loitering issues, dumpster diving, and damage to company property. Hudson employs security guards, but limited staffing prevented them from being everywhere at once. 

To address their security concerns, Hudson Services leased seven RIOs to watch over multiple retail centers. RAD required minimal time to get the devices up and running, and Hudson worked closely with the installation team to strategically place each robot for maximum effectiveness. 

A RIO solar-powered security robot tower stands in the foreground of a retail parking lot, taking up minimal space while protecting the entire property.

RIO’s impact has been immediate. Hudson and RAD report that AI surveillance reduced crime by 75% in 2024, with RIO’s commanding presence discouraging potential criminals from breaking into cars or damaging company property. 

Retail tenants and the public are also happy with the security robots. RAD’s case study cites “a greater sense of community and safety” that coincides with improved security.  

Hudson is also importantly calling RIO a success in terms of efficiency and cost savings. AI helps them pull security footage quickly, save time on vandalism clean-up, and adjust their manned security costs. Hudson is now looking at 2025 for deploying RIO at even more properties. 

Read the full case study RAD published about their project with Hudson Services here. 

Robotics at DK Security

We launched our partnership with RAD in 2023 to deliver AI-based security solutions to organizations across the Midwest. DK Security is committed to creating safer workplaces and communities with AI surveillance that reduces crime and fits your security budget.  

Johnny Kendall, DK’s VP of Marketing & Business Development and advocate for technological advancement in the security industry, is especially optimistic about RIO as a tool for property managers. “RIOs continue to pop up across the country, providing an effective security solution for clients in many industries, especially retail,” he commented after the RAD case study’s publishing. “We can’t wait to start deploying RIOs in various parts of Michigan, as well as across state lines.” 

If you’d like to start the conversation about AI and even compare the cost of RIO with traditional security services, let us know 

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