DK Security Launches A.I. Robotic Solutions

March 7, 2023

DK Security announced a partnership today with Robotic Assistance Devices (RAD), a wholly owned subsidiary of Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions, Inc. (OTCPK:AITX) to deliver artificial intelligence-based security robotic solutions to organizations in Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana. As a newly contracted dealer of RAD products, DK Security is invested in the security application of AI and has expanded to include industry-leading AI technology among its existing service offerings.

RAD is a Detroit-based innovator in technology solutions which uses an integration of human and AI-driven guarding to solve complex security challenges. DK Security has entered this partnership to provide increasingly effective security options that augment traditional uniformed guard services, no matter the size of an organization’s security budget. RAD devices will complete tasks autonomously, increase human staff productivity, and operate continuously.

DK Security continues to emphasize the importance of human personnel in creating safer workplaces and communities. By integrating RAD into existing security operations, organizations will enhance their capabilities with AI, improving surveillance and communication efficiency while also serving as a visual deterrent to potential threats. DK Security values the benefits of cutting-edge technology in addition to the expertise and presence of security officers.

“We’re in business to make organizations and communities a safer place, and security officers will always be a critical solution to accomplish that. We also know the power of artificial intelligence and how it can be used for good. We’re excited to partner with an industry leader that’s located right here in our home state. Their robotic devices are truly a game changer for what we can offer our clients.” – Johnny Kendall, Director of Marketing & Business Development

DK Security is excited to partner with RAD to deliver security robotic solutions to organizations in Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana. Organizations interested in exploring AI with DK Security may contact Johnny Kendall, Director of Marketing & Business Development, at

Established in 1995, DK Security is the largest Michigan-based security guard company, which offers uniformed security and a wide range of investigative services to more than 400 clients and 1,900 employees throughout Michigan. DK Security provides Unarmed Security, Armed Security, and Event Security, as well as Robotics, Investigations, Executive Protection, Audits & Training, Background Screening, Loss Prevention, Mobile Patrols, and anonymous tipline support. DK Security is a woman-owned and woman-led company headquartered in Grand Rapids, along with branch offices in Lansing, and Madison Heights, MI.

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