3 Risks Your Business Faces During Off-Hours
April 1, 2022
man working late

Your business might not operate 24/7, but threats occur around the clock. Your business is one of your most significant investments — having a safety and security plan when your doors are closed is just as crucial for when you’re open. After hours, a business is more vulnerable. With fewer employees (if any) present, your business is left at a higher risk for break-ins, trespassing, and vandalism.

Check out a few common problems businesses face after hours and how reliable security can help protect you, your employees, and your business.

Your Late-Night Employees are at Risk

Sometimes, employees work late to hit a deadline or prepare for their upcoming busy season. It’s up to you, the business owner or manager, to keep everyone on your staff safe. Depending on your organization, you might only need a few security cameras. But having security patrols takes the guesswork out and gives you relief knowing your employees and building are safe at all times.

Security guards can also walk your employees out to their vehicles when they’ve finished working, lowering the risk of assault and robbery. After hours, a security guard also deters criminals from wandering onto your property.

When your employees feel safe and taken care of, they’ll be happier and more productive. It’s a win-win.

Your Empty Building is an Easy Target

Whenever your building isn’t fully occupied, it becomes an easy target for criminals. The best way to protect your business depends on the risks it faces. One way to determine your property’s risk is with a security audit. A security audit provides you with actionable information and expert justification you need to protect your employees and facility. Our approach to a security audit is completely tailored around your organization’s needs. Then, we can develop a safety plan for you and your employees that fits within your budget before an incident even occurs.

DK Security can also offer your organization a free threat assessment where we spend around an hour at your facility reviewing your current security programs. We will give you an expert analysis with some practical recommendations and general observations. Essentially, it’s an abbreviated version of a security audit. 

Your Vendors Might Not be Conscientious 

Do you work with any third parties? You might be putting your business at risk without even knowing it. Many businesses hire third-party vendors to come in when employees aren’t typically present, from food and beverage suppliers to cleaning services.

Because these vendors aren’t under your direct management, it can be challenging to keep track of them — one door accidentally left unlocked is too many. Having security officers on-site ensures that your business will stay safe and secure, day and night.

You shouldn’t have to worry about the security of your building and the safety of your employees when you’re not around. A simple security audit can help mitigate threats, allowing you to worry less and focus on what’s most important: your business.

Your organization may only need a simple review of your building’s physical access. Other businesses may require a more in-depth look at all security policies and procedures, from pre-employment screenings and visitor management to high-risk termination procedures and logistics security. DK Security can help with it all.

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