A Salute to Service: Veterans Day 2022

November 11, 2022

This Veterans Day, we are honored to recognize the many veterans employed by DK Security for their sacrifices and their service to our country. We benefit daily from their commitment to our safety and security. The freedoms we enjoy come at a price, and we are thankful for all the ways our veterans have and continue to protect these freedoms.

We wish a warm and wonderful Veterans Day to everyone who has worn the uniform of our country. To learn more about some of our amazing veterans, as well as to read the full list of DK Security-employed veterans, see this year’s highlights below! 

Ziad 1

Ziad Al Omar

U.S. Forces (IOF)

U.S. Corps of Engineers

Mission in Iraq

Lori Black

Lori Black

Staff Sergeant (E-6)

15 Years

Desert Storm and two tours in Bosnian War

Kevin Blanker-1

Kevin Blanker

Corporal (E-4)

5 Years, U.S.M.C.

1 Deployment to Afghanistan

Rick Bushong

Richard Bushong

Military Police

2 Years, West Germany

Base patrol, Hawk missile site security

George Forrester II

George Forrester II


U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary

2 Years

Robert Gritter

Robert Gritter

MCB7, CN (E-3); U.S. Navy and Reserve

4 Years, Cuban Missile Crisis

Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal

Brandon Heitzmann

Brandon Heitzmann

Aerographer’s Mate, 2nd Class

U.S. Navy

3 Years

Dawn Holmes

Dawn Holmes

Technical Sergeant

U.S. Air Force

22 Years

Reginald Howard 03.31.20

Reginald Howard

U.S. Navy

11 Years

Mark Jankovic 09.19.19

Mark Jankovic

GMG Petty Officer

6 Years, U.S. Army

Explosive Expert

Lonnie Jones 2-1

Lonnie Jones


U.S. Air Force

8 Years

Duncan MacLaren-1

Duncan MacLaren

Specialist (E-4), 12C, Army Bridge Crewman

6 Years; MI Army National Guard, 107th Engineer Battalion

1437th Engineer Multi-Role Bridge Company

Theodore Peck

Theodore Peck


7 years

MI Army National Guard

Albert Ramirez 11.18.2020

Albert Ramirez

U.S.M.C., 1970s

Grand Ledge ANGB

Dan Rivera

Daniel Rivera

Infantry 0311

3 Years, U.S.M.C.

3rd Battalion, 4th Marines Weapons Company

Robert Ross

Robert Ross

Specialist (E-4)

17 Years, U.S. Army

Golf War, Honor Graduate

Howard Schweikert

Howard Schweikert

Sergeant (E-5)

12 Years, U.S. Army and Reserve

Police and Correctional Specialists

Robert Sebesky 9.26.2019

Robert Sebesky

Advanced helicopter mechanic training

4 Years, U.S. Army and Air National Guard

Vietnam War, Grand Ledge ANGB

Forrest Secord Jr

Forrest Secord Jr.

6 Years; Corporal, U.S.M.C. and Reserve

17 years; 2nd Lt., MI Army National Guard

Patrick Skoczek

Patrick Skoczek

Specialist (E-4), Paratrooper, Regional Emergency Manager; 17 years to date

82nd Airborne Division (NC), 425th Airborne Ranger unit (MI National Guard)

Coast Guard Auxiliary, Search & Rescue, 9th Central District

Linda Skrycki-1

Linda Skrycki

Specialist (E-4)

U.S. Army

6 Years

Joshua Tashjian

Joshua Tashjian

Sergeant (E-5)

U.S. Army

20 Years

Ken Tasker

Ken Tasker

Specialist (E-4)

13 Years, U.S. Army

Germany, Desert Storm, Fort Hood

John Valente Jr

John Valente Jr.

Staff Sergeant (E-6)

U.S. Army

6 Years

Marty Waterman 1

Marty Waterman

Technical Sergeant (E-6)

24 Years, U.S. Air Force

Security Police/Forces

DK Security is proud to employ an incredible amount of U.S. veterans. We’d like to extend our sincere thanks to each and every DK veteran listed below. Thank you all for your service to our country!

Active Veterans List 10.21.2022-1

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