Thank You, Veterans

November 11, 2020

On Veteran’s Day, we thank those who have served our country. Today and every day we are grateful for their sacrifice to protect our freedoms. Especially those we are honored to have in our DK family.

Veterans Day 2020 Tribute

Ziad Al Omar – United States Forces
Richard Bushong – United States Army
Therald Clayton – United States Army
Aaron Cobb – United States Army
Chris Cook – United States Marine Corps
Anthony Cross – United States Navy
John DeHerrera – United States Army
Doug Deshcaine – United States Navy
Renda Graham – United States Marine Corps
Samuel Gray – United States Navy
Robert Gritter – United States Navy
Thomas Gustin – United States Navy
Robert Hamelin – United States Marine Corps
Brandon Heitzmann – United States Navy
Carlos Hernandez – United States Air Force
Dawn Holmes – United States Air Force
Reginald Howard – United States Navy
Marc Jankovic – United States Navy
Lonnie Jones – United States Air Force
John Kendall – United States Air Force
Tim Kimble – United States Marine Corps
Michael Lowery – United States Marine Corps
Eric Marshall – United States Army
Thomas Paugh – United States Navy
Joshua Peters – United States Army
Malcolm Phillips – United States Navy
Latia Robinson – United States Army National Guard
Scott Ruterbusch – United States Coast Guard
Howard Schweikert – United States Army
Forrest Secord Jr. – United States Marine Corps
Michigan Army National Guard
Joshua Tashjian – United States Army
Ken Tasker – United States Army
Joshua Vaughn – United States Army
Dave VanArsdall – United States Navy
David Versin – United States Marine Corps
James Wade – United States Air Force
Marty Waterman – United States Air Force
Carl Wilkins – United States Army

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