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Our Top 10 Most Popular Security Requests

June 17, 2022

When you think about DK Security, what’s the first thing that pops into your head? Security guards at a football game, 5K, or maybe even a festival? 

Our guards have been providing security services across Michigan and the Midwest for the last 27 years. However, we do so much more than providing security for events and festivals — our services are just as unique and diverse as the clients we serve in the Midwest.

From construction to healthcare, we provide highly trained security guards for any scenario and environment you can think of. DK Security receives over 400 temporary and long-term security requests annually! Check out 10 of our most popular security requests that we receive at DK Security.

Construction Site Security

Men working at construction site

With the price of construction materials at an all-time high, job sites are more vulnerable to criminals than ever before. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau and the National Equipment Register, the cost of construction site loss is between $300 million and $1 billion annually.

Due to the rise of crime, we receive frequent security requests to protect construction sites and their materials. Our guards help deter criminals; prevent unauthorized individuals from accessing construction sites and vandalism; resolve conflicts among workers, and help prevent and mitigate emergencies.

Overnight Security for an Outdoor Event

Outdoor event security

When the weather is warm, the security requests heat up with plenty of event organizers reaching out for security. When helping with an outdoor event, our mission is to either assist with crowd control, or watch the event equipment overnight. For an outdoor event, organizers and vendors will set up the day before the event. During the overnight hours when no one is around, security is critical to making sure that nothing gets stolen.

Event Security

Event security staff

Event security is an incredibly popular service that we provide. Since 1996, we’ve secured over 5,000 events throughout Michigan, ranging from small gatherings to events with 100,000+ attendees.

If you’ve ever attended a concert at Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids, you’ve likely already experienced DK’s security and protection services. Some major shows we’ve provided security for include Justin Bieber, Elton John, Cher, Foo Fighters, Bruno Mars, and Paul McCartney.

Some of the events we provide security for include festivals, sporting events, concerts, trade shows, university graduations, football games, conventions, political events, corporate functions, and weddings.

We utilize our fully equipped 36-foot Mobile Command Unit to establish a base of operations at every event, keeping our management team on hand to continuously support our clients.

Our event services include crowd control, bag searches, metal detection, pat-downs, executive protection, armed security, undercover agents, access control, security consulting, mobile patrol, parking services, and money escort. To learn more about some of the events that we’ve partnered with, check out our “DK Summer Tour” on social media!

School Security

School security

Security has become a major concern on college and K-12 campuses over the last decade. In 2021, ADT and Clery Center released results from a survey showing that 82 percent of American college students are concerned about their personal safety.

Because of this increased safety concern, we often receive requests to provide security guards on university and K-12 campuses to protect students and faculty. Our trained guards help deter violence on campus, enforce rules, prevent trespassing, control crowds, and offer immediate help in emergencies.

We currently have long-term partnerships with 12 schools and we’ve worked with over 25 schools on at least a temporary basis over the years.

Security for Governmental Agencies

Government Building

We understand the high demand for maintaining security throughout important government buildings and facilities. By offering a physical security presence on-site for our governmental clients, we provide expertise to appropriately handle challenges that come up in highly regulated environments.

Healthcare Security

Healthcare Security

Everyone knows that healthcare providers care deeply about their patients, staff, and visitors’ safety. Providers also often face pressure to balance safety with visitor traffic, privacy, patient satisfaction, and cost management — it’s a lot to juggle.

That’s where DK Security steps in. We regularly provide security for healthcare offices and hospitals based on their specific needs, so it’s one less thing for healthcare providers to worry about.

Patients often feel more safe and secure knowing there are uniformed security guards on-site. Our security guards are trained to handle situations related to healthcare, including emergency management and response, crisis intervention, and de-escalation.

We work with several hospitals in Michigan, including some of the major hospital networks. With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, DK Security has been an industry leader for providing security coverage for local healthcare facilities across the state of Michigan. With short notice, we successfully staffed eight different Spectrum Health hospitals on a 24/7 basis.

Additionally, the State of Michigan selected DK Security to provide security services for the TCF Center field hospital in Detroit and the Suburban Collection Showplace field hospital in Novi. This request included up to 26 officers per day in Detroit and 15 per day in Novi. DK Security has been assisting Pfizer with their additional security needs as well. No other security company in Michigan is better positioned to meet the immediate needs for a new or existing client.

Manufacturing/Warehouse Security

Manufacturing / Warehouse security

While working under strict state and federal regulations, manufacturing and warehouse owners must ensure their employees and buildings are safe and secure at all times. Managing safety among those regulations, as well as sticking to a budget, can be a challenge.

That’s why DK Security provides personalized security services for manufacturing facilities and warehouses — our in-depth knowledge of the manufacturing industry allows our clients to rest easy and focus on other responsibilities.

We work with every client to develop a security plan that focuses on employee safety and asset protection. We start this process by completing a security audit.

Our security audits begin with a discussion of your objectives for the audit. We offer a free threat assessment; we’ll review your current security program and give you an expert analysis and written recommendations for where you can improve. Our approach to the audit is completely tailored based on your needs.

By providing security in factories and warehouses, we can help with visitor escorts; aid in loss prevention; create crisis contingency plans; actively address emergencies; and improve the safety and security of your assets and warehouses with our armed/unarmed guards and mobile security patrol.

Cannabis Security

Cannabis security

There is a strong need for armed security in cannabis growing facilities. There are millions of dollars’ worth of product in these buildings, and these businesses are required to meet very strict safety and security regulations, which include armed security guards.

We work with facilities to provide comprehensive security plans tailored to their specific needs. Our armed security guards are well-equipped to maintain a cannabis facility’s security with integrity.

Downtown Security

Downtown security

Downtowns make up the hearts of cities, big and small. It’s an area where people come to meet, connect, and grow — we know how important it is to keep these areas safe and secure.

With crime and homelessness on the rise, more and more downtown business owners are concerned about the safety of their employees that have returned to work, along with the security of the building itself. More clients in downtown settings are looking for security guards on a temporary and long-term basis at their downtown office buildings, hotels, retail stores, museums, and public spaces.

We provide security guards for popular downtown areas for cities like Grand Rapids, Lansing, Detroit, Flint, and Kalamazoo.

Houses of Worship Security

Church security

In the wake of violence at places of worship around the country in the past two decades, security guard requests frequently come in. According to FBI data pulled by Dolan Consulting Group (DCG), it’s estimated that there are about 480 incidents of serious violence at places of worship in the United States each year. These incidents produce about 46 deaths and 218 serious injuries annually. And it’s a serious problem.

Every church needs a security plan in place. Not all churches need security guards, while others do. Some may need a security guard to their size and location.

We start developing these security plans with a free security assessment. We get requests from churches to take a look at their current security plan to see if we can provide an outside expert opinion on it. Our security guards help mitigate and prevent these violent attacks at houses of worship by developing response plans and being present for immediate emergency response.

Are you looking for security guards or guidance on making a security plan for your organization? Discover why DK Security is the best resource for your safety needs. Let’s chat!

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