3 Benefits of Emergency Training in the Workplace

May 24, 2022

Emergencies in the workplace are rare, but they do occur. It’s better to have security plans and training in place so you and your staff can respond to emergencies quickly, safely, and efficiently. Many organizations and businesses establish their own emergency procedures, but that’s only the first step. Training your employees to appropriately respond to — and even prevent — an emergency is crucial.

Emergency training courses can help reduce the risk of injury to your staff and damage to your building, and they should be a part of every organization’s arsenal.

Here are three benefits of providing emergency response training for your organization.

It Provides Peace of Mind

When your staff is well-trained in preventing and handling dangerous situations, they will feel more confident when they’re faced with an emergency at their workplace. Quality training provides peace of mind, which allows employees to respond to emergencies correctly and timely. As a result, your staff will be more capable of helping any individuals in danger.

It Prepares Your Staff to Follow Emergency Protocols

The ultimate goal of emergency training is to prepare your staff to follow a set emergency plan. Setting a plan reduces the risk of injuries and damage to buildings and property. These plans are essential because they provide your employees with the guidance to handle unexpected and potentially dangerous situations — your staff won’t be in a complete panic wondering what to do.

Suppose a threatening or violent situation arises with a coworker — with the proper training, your employees will know how to de-escalate the situation and protect themselves and others from harm.

Emergency preparedness isn’t a one-time occurrence, either. To keep current procedures fresh in your employees’ minds, your organization should continually provide guidance to them. Holding training sessions on an annual basis reminds employees of existing security plans, informs them of policy updates, and improves their response to emergencies.

It’s an Investment for Employees and Executives Alike

If you provide your staff with crisis management training, you’re investing directly into your employees and improving your employee retention rate. When you offer emergency training, it shows that you have confidence in your employees and view them as an asset to your team and organization.

This confidence will establish loyalty in your workforce. Consequently, it will increase productivity and lower your turnover rate.


Employees won’t use your safety equipment if they don’t know how to operate it. By training them, they’ll be able to use your tools safely and feel more confident in the process. It also reduces the risk of injury; if someone doesn’t know how to use a fire extinguisher, they might cause more harm than good.

At DK Security, we offer a variety of emergency training courses that can be tailored to your organization’s specific needs. These drills are designed with safety, security, and protection in mind. Here are a few training courses we provide our clients:

  • Active Shooter Training: Tailored course learning that educates your employees with the lifesaving skills and strategies when faced with the immediate threat of an active shooter or aggressor. The first reactions are critical to survival and preventing casualties.
  • Verbal De­-Escalation: A course designed to prepare your staff for potentially volatile situations in the workplace and to resolve them confidently.
  • CPR/AED/First Aid/Bloodborne Pathogens: These training options are customized to meet your organization’s security and safety needs.
  • Customized Situational Awareness Training: A completely customized class, developed and discussed with our leadership team, that best fits the specific needs of your organization.

Looking for guidance on where to even begin making a security plan for your organization? Discover why DK Security is the best resource for each of your safety needs. Let’s talk!

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