3 Things to Consider for Your Annual Security Budget

January 22, 2024

It’s the beginning of a new year, and as many organizations are reviewing their annual budgets, they are unsure how to plan their security spending for the upcoming year.

The first step in security budget planning is to understand your security needs.

At DK Security, we believe you should never have to worry about protecting your people or your property. That’s why we offer various security solutions for all budgets.

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1. Security Guards

Uniformed Security Guards are the most popular solution that our clients choose to keep their assets safe.

All industries face daily threats that can cause significant liabilities. The presence of uniformed security personnel creates a deterrent to potential threats and a reassurance of physical protection for all staff and visitors.

Seeing a uniformed security guard on duty gives your visitors peace of mind.

DK Security Guards are trained to handle various safety aspects, including:

  • Access control: Control access for parking lots, buildings, and other restricted or unrestricted areas of client property.
  • Patrolling: Regularly inspect client-managed areas and perimeters, either by foot or vehicle.
  • Surveillance: Monitor security cameras, alarms, and other security equipment for activity.
  • Enforcement: Ensure that rules and regulations (i.e., client policies, local laws) are being followed.
  • Response: Remain alert and respond promptly to emergency situations and security threats of any kind.
  • Reporting: Maintain detailed security logs and reports and communicate suspicious activity or incidents to clients and/or relevant authorities.
  • Hospitality: Provide friendly customer service, assisting with questions and concerns for all workplace visitors, employees, and clients.

2. Security Robots

DK Security (through our partnership with Robotic Assistance Devices -RAD) is excited to offer AI-based security robotic solutions that complement the traditional uniformed security guard services our company was built on.

The RAD lineup offers a collection of innovative stationary and mobile security robots designed to revolutionize your security measures, all with unique functions and advantages.

DK Security’s experts can assess your organization’s unique requirements and recommend the perfect RAD robot to support your security measures.

The benefits of adding Robotic components to your security plan include:

  • Affordability: Robotic devices enhance the capabilities of human staff by automating tasks and operating continuously, allowing security officers to focus their expertise on customer service and more complex situations.
  • Detection: RAD surveillance provides significant improvements over traditional security cameras through AI-based identification and response processes. These devices enable your organization to identify and respond to trespassing, loitering, and even weaponed individuals – completely autonomously.
  • Deterrence: While security cameras record video footage for later review, RAD has evolved the concept to provide a real-time incident response. A system of AI-integrated digital cameras, wide LED screens, and two-way audio expands RAD units to include custom visual alerts, audio messages, and live communication which can also be used for customer service messaging.
  • Efficiency: RAD supports existing staff by automating surveillance and threat detection 24/7, which allows your security personnel to focus their time on providing customer service and investigating incidents.

3. Background Screenings

In 2020, 392 lives were lost, and 37,060 individuals (about twice the seating capacity of Madison Square Garden) suffered non-fatal injuries due to intentional workplace violence, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Screening your employees is important for the safety of your staff and your workplace. It also minimizes the risk of theft and fraud, lowers employee turnover, and reduces hiring and recruiting costs, which improves the quality of your workforce.

Employee screening is not just about safeguarding your workplace, but also about building a strong and trustworthy team. Hiring a 3rd party contractor like DK Security to perform your organization’s background checks can help streamline your hiring process and ensure that you maintain:

  • A Safe Workplace: Background checks can help you identify individuals with a history of violence or fraud, creating a safer environment for your current employees
  • Confidentiality: Grant access to proprietary information only to trustworthy individuals, keeping your trade secrets safe.
  • Industry Standards: It is imperative that your organization maintains compliance with industry standards, as many sectors require background checks during the hiring process.
  • A Trustworthy Reputation: Reputation matters! Hiring someone with a proven unethical past can permanently tarnish your organization’s reputation.
  • High Legal Standards: By conducting thorough background checks, you reduce the risk of legal liabilities. Be sure to keep everything above-board and minimize potential legal headaches.

If you need guidance researching an affordable security plan for your organization, contact DK Security for a free security assessment. We will work with you to discover which security solution is best for your safety needs.

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