A Corporate Outstanding Performer to close out 2023

January 3, 2024

Twice each year, DK Security invites all corporate employees to nominate one of their coworkers for our top peer-voted commendation: The Corporate Outstanding Performer award. We’re delighted to announce HR Generalist Raequel Washington as our Corporate Outstanding Performer to conclude 2023.

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Raequel Washington joined DK Security two years ago as a recruiter in our Lansing branch office. A lifelong Lansing resident, she returned from Eastern Michigan University with a desire to challenge herself from a customer service and technical skill perspective. DK’s corporate recruiter opening piqued her interest and she officially started with us in February 2022.

It certainly turned out to be a challenge, as Raequel described to DK’s marketing team in a recent interview about the award. For the recruitment of security guards at a variety of client sites, the work ebbs and flows in intensity but learning on the job starts from day one. “You’re put to the test at a very fast pace,” Raequel remembered about the experience. She’s a self-identified “people person,” which, along with strong organization skills, made the experience positive from the start.

Strong performance as a recruiter earned Raequel a promotion to HR Generalist in June 2023, which coincided with a move to our Troy corporate location and a broader set of administrative responsibilities. She misses her hometown (and local bakery) but is excited about the new opportunity and thankful for the uplifting atmosphere she sees in her new work team. In Troy, Raequel is a specialist in our HR processes and consistently demonstrates mentorship to her peers.

“There are so many people that just build you up, so that you feel comfortable when they finally do offer you that role… that position of advancement.”

Raequel credits her acceleration within the company to her strict upbringing and her faith, resulting in the resilient work ethic she applies to all areas of work. Speaking fondly of her parents, Raequel felt that “without structure and rules you can’t really grow anywhere.” That foundation put her in a position to learn quickly, go above-and-beyond the recruiter job description, and ultimately get noticed when opportunities to advance arose.

That recognition has now culminated with the Corporate Outstanding Performer award, which Raequel was presented with in the latter half of 2023 after receiving the most peer-submitted nominations during the voting period. “All the air came out of my body,” Raequel described about the moment her name was announced company wide.

“I think it’s really an honor to receive an award of that stature, especially with it coming from your peers, especially with me not having been with the company ‘X’ amount of years. It’s just a true testament to just good hard work and it’s awesome to receive an award like that.”

The various nominations that were submitted for Raequel included comments about her dedication, great disposition, leadership impact, reliability, and metric-based successes, among others. She definitely feels the support, stating that “it speaks volumes, having people that want to help and see you succeed.”

Raequel pays it forward, too. There’s “an added level of pressure” for her in being a leader but she feels tremendous pride in seeing those around her achieve their own goals. “I’m just excited to see everybody grow and see everyone do their absolute best in their roles.”

Outside of work, Raequel enjoys reading, playing simulation golf, and trying new pizza places in her new city. And in the office, her primary goal is simple and direct: “To continue to do the best that I can.”

Congratulations to Raequel on the Corporate Outstanding Performer award at the conclusion of 2023! We’re all eager to see how she continues to positively affect her peers, our HR processes, and the company as a whole in 2024.

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