Security Robot Services

Artificial intelligence is no longer just the future of work—it is the here and now. Security robots, powered by artificial intelligence, are designed to perform security tasks with the help of cameras, sensors, and other technologies.

Logos for DK Security robotics division and Robotic Assistance Devices (RAD) are featured side-by-side in front of an image depicting a ROSA robotic surveillance unit mounted on a brick wall

What Is a Security Robot?

Security robots are autonomous devices that may complete various security functions, ranging from area surveillance to patrolling, threat detection, and even threat response. Not intended to completely replace human security guards, robotic devices are a cost-effective assistant to existing personnel in augmenting traditional security services and increasing human staff productivity.

How Do Security Robots Work?

A wide range of security robots are available to perform continuous tasks and integrate with your existing security systems. 

Stationary robots surveil designated areas, detect security-related events, and communicate threat responses to human staff and other authorities. When mobile monitoring is preferred, patrolling robots take surveillance on-the-go with route learning and interactive communication.

Artificially-intelligent security robots are equipped to interact with people. For security guards, robotic devices are a resource for automating surveillance, sending messages to people within the robot’s field-of-view, and initiating immediate threat responses. 

Mobile devices may connect with the public even more closely along patrol routes; concierge services and panic buttons for calling human staff are just a sample of the ways patrolling robots support security procedures.

Robotic Assistance Devices

Robotic Assistance Devices (RAD) is a Detroit-based innovator in AI technology that delivers a suite of robotic security devices through an integration of human and AI-driven guarding. 

Built to solve security challenges and evolve current processes, RAD completes tasks autonomously, supports human productivity, and operates continuously. As a regional dealer serving Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio, DK Security links local organizations with cutting-edge robotic security solutions designed and delivered by RAD. 

Why Choose RAD Robotics?

RAD is a leader in artificial intelligence for the security industry which works to redefine existing security guarding and monitoring systems. Its suite of stationary and mobile robotic solutions are designed to complement human personnel in situations suited for cost-effective machines.

At the core of the RAD technological system is what we call ‘autonomous response’—the AI-powered device’s programmed or learned reaction to events and conditions. While traditional security cameras only record video for later review, stationary and mobile RAD devices detect and respond to security concerns in real-time.

All RAD technologies, AI-based analytics and software platforms are developed in-house. RAD is an American company that values partnerships with local organizations, making DK Security—Michigan’s largest locally owned security firm—a great match for the shared mission of creating safer workplaces and communities.

RAD Security Robots

There are several different types of security solutions available to you from RAD via DK Security, all with unique functions and advantages. We are eager to introduce you to the RAD lineup and explain which stationary and mobile security robots would best fit your organization.



Responsive Observation Security Agent

ROSA is a completely self-contained and autonomous response device that performs industry-leading surveillance, event detection, and communication. It operates 24/7, provides a 180° field of view, deters criminal activity through customizable audio and visual alerts, and communicates cellularly with your staff.

It’s important to note that ROSA is not “just another camera.” Here’s how a client of RAD recently used ROSA devices to solve ongoing concerns with vandalism, trespassing, and theft at their organization.

RIO: ROSA Independent Observatory


ROSA Independent Observatory

Put simply, RIO allows you to take ROSA on the go. Sitting atop the RIO Solar Tower, ROSA can be deployed anywhere, and will surveil large areas where no buildings are available to mount the device on. RIO expands ROSA’s field of view to 360° and provides continuous open-area surveillance from a tall, sturdy structure.



Autonomous Verified Access

AVA is a mountable robotic unit capable of advanced access control over gates and other controlled points of entry. Using artificial intelligence and true 180° vision, AVA detects and interacts with vehicles upon entry and exit of your facility’s gated areas.

Gate guarding technology with AVA comes standard with a variety of access verification options, from custom PINs to barcode and QR code recognition. Human interaction via camera is also an option; AVA’s audio and video tools connect drivers with local or remote monitoring staff when face-to-face communication is preferred.



Rugged Observation Assistance Mobile Electronic Officer

Standing at nearly seven feet tall and weighing over 700lbs, ROAMEO takes AI analytics, video surveillance, and interactive communication on the go like no other robot security guard on the market. 360° cameras and real-time analytics allow ROAMEO to plan patrol routes, avoid obstacles (people, trees, power structures, etc.), and apply AI learning continuously.

Not only does ROAMEO patrol, but it also interacts with people along its route. Constant surveillance from a 78” high camera system allows ROAMEO to provide calls for help, panic buttons, security alerts, and fully customizable concierge services (e.g. local information, weather, directions, advertising) to anyone in its path.



The Security Industry’s Only Purpose-Built Robot Dog

Entering the RAD lineup in 2023 is RADDOG, a robotic dog built specifically to support RAD stationary devices with AI-based patrolling technology. RADDOG is an unmistakable security presence that deters trespassing, covers tough terrain, and patrols parking lots and other large properties. 

RADDOG also promises to be an excellent security application for observing and analyzing potentially perilous situations. With remote control capabilities, these devices may scout ahead of human security and law enforcement units to provide situational awareness and protect human lives from danger.


Light My Way:

Peace of Mind, Remotely

It’s common for employees to fear walking to their car alone in the dark. 63% of women say it makes them feel unsafe—more than almost any other daily activity. RAD Light My Way offers your organization a way to enhance nighttime security beyond light posts and security cameras.

The solution is put directly in the hands of your employees, tenants, and visitors: A mobile app coordinates with live remote monitoring to virtually escort individuals to and from their vehicles. Lights brighten, LED messages scroll across RAD units, and the mobile user can even communicate live with a remote security officer who has access to all available cameras.

Using the AI that empowers RAD to strengthen organizational security across all device types, Light My Way takes safety to the individual level and exemplifies the customizability RAD offers.



Construction sites are a unique security challenge: They are often expansive, contain highly valuable assets, and may lack existing infrastructure or power systems. Construction companies need effective and affordable ways to deter trespassing, theft, and other incidents; security robots help alleviate these concerns.

One of our most popular security requests is for construction site security. DK Security has historically succeeded in providing security guards for developments during off-hours and now adds the vast experience of RAD devices in security construction work sites.

Notably, RAD deployed ROSA surveillance devices at Citrus Construction, one of Florida’s largest multi-family housing developers. You can read more about how robotic devices commanded authority, improved security, and lowered hourly costs at Citrus here

Also highly relevant to construction teams is RIO, which takes the power of ROSA on the go. Sitting atop a sturdy mobile tower, RIO features solar panels and requires no external power. The free-standing RIO additionally expands ROSA’s field of view to 360°, which offers full coverage for large open areas common to the construction industry. 


The education sector is at high alert for security events nationwide and institutions can always do more to improve the security of their students, staff, and visitors. The real-time threat detection, communication features, and state-of-the-art AI-based firearm detection employed by RAD devices have a real ability to save lives and help those in distress.

In one instance reported by RAD, a student-athlete who was not picked up by a school bus was left on campus after-hours with a dead cell phone battery. The student engaged with a publicly accessible RAD device to call a security guard for help and remained engaged with the officer until the student was picked up by a parent.

By taking advantage of security robot availability, educational institutions are accelerating the safety of their students and staff with the help of enhanced surveillance, real-time threat response, and communication resources.


Like construction sites and other industries that hold assets of high value, automotive businesses are often targets of trespassing, vandalism, and costly theft. Manufacturers, rental companies, and dealerships all employ security to protect their vehicles. 

However, traditional security cameras often aren’t enough to deter criminals. By switching to a RAD security solution, Midway Car Rental—Southern California’s largest privately owned car rental company—is now informed of security events in real-time and has seen a reduction in crime as a result.

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