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Security Audit

In our nation’s current state of civil unrest, violence, and protests, it is an organization’s responsibility to ensure the safety of their workforce by protecting the company from risk, both outside and from within. An audit conducted by DK Security will provide you with actionable information and expert justification you need in order to protect your team and facility. We have conducted security audits for Fortune 500 companies, Michigan based companies, school systems, colleges, and government agencies.

Our security audits begin with a discussion of your objectives for the audit. In what areas of your security program do you need expert analysis and written recommendations for improvements? For some they may need a simple review of the physical access to the building. Others may need a complete review of all security policies and procedures, from pre-employment screening and visitor management, to high-risk termination procedures and logistics security. DK Security scales the scope of its audit process, allowing you to receive factual, objective, and documented observations and recommendations that you need to ensure the security of your team and facility at a cost that fits your budget.

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Training Courses

Our training courses give individuals the knowledge and capability to handle unfortunate emergency situations. These drills, proven to help, should be a part of every organization’s arsenal. They are tools for safety, security, and protection.

  • Active Shooter Training: A tailored course educating your employees with the lifesaving skills and strategies when faced with the immediate threat of an active shooter or aggressor. The first reactions are critical to survival and preventing casualties.
  • CPR/AED/First Aid/Bloodborne Pathogens: These training options are customized to meet your organization’s security and safety needs.