We offer background screening services to organizations seeking to ensure high-quality hiring practices, and property owners screening a potential tenant. We also provide a more in-depth step of background screening with our fingerprinting services.

Screening your employees is important for the safety of your employees, students, and customers. It can minimize the risk of theft and fraud. It also can mean lower employee turnover, reducing overall hiring and recruiting costs, ultimately improving the quality of your workforce.

Background Screening:

  • We utilize InstaScreen for our online pre-employment and tenant screening tool, this tool provides instant results on many products. Clients will be notified by email once an order is complete, and they may check the status of their order at any time.
  • We will tailor the most cost-effective screening package per position and assist you with understanding the acceptable levels of due diligence per industry.
  • Upon request, DK Security will review with you any criminal or traffic record that is extensive or difficult to interpret. This no-cost consultation will be provided by a former law enforcement officer from our team. 


  • We offer same day scheduling at any of our 3 locations across Michigan. Our Grand Rapids location has appointments available 24 hours a day/ 365 days a year. If you have a large group in need of fingerprinting, we can travel to your site.  
  • We utilize Livescan machines which acquire high quality, digital image fingerprints. Fingerprints are then submitted to the State of Michigan and the FBI’s national fingerprint and criminal history registry, the Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System (IAFIS).
  • Results are sent directly to the employer or the licensing agency requesting the print, from the state of Michigan and the FBI.