Uniformed Security

The world is full of daily threats that put people and assets—across all industries—at risk. Deploying uniformed security personnel creates a deterrent to potential threats and a reassurance of physical protection for all staff and visitors.

When you hire DK Security, you gain access to highly trained, uniformed security guards who address security threats, discourage would-be criminals, and take the well-being of others seriously. You shouldn’t have to worry about protecting your people and property; contact DK Security today, and experience peace of mind about the safety of your organization.

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What Is a Uniformed Security Guard?

Often, security personnel are thought of as either hulking bouncers or loafing desk-dwellers. At DK Security, a uniformed security guard is much more. Our staff undergoes extensive training not only to be prepared for guarding-related issues, but also to provide what we call “hospitality security.” Our employees are often a first point of contact for visitors, making customer service a crucial part of a DK officer’s job.

A DK Security guard monitors your space, addresses security threats, responds to medical emergencies, and regularly gives visitors a warm first impression of your organization. It’s essential that each of our security guards be professional, friendly, and committed to providing you with the highest-quality service possible.

What Do Security Guards Do?

The main responsibility of a security guard is to protect your people and property from potential security threats. For guards trained and deployed by DK Security, this involves monitoring access control, patrolling perimeters, responding to both security-related and medical emergencies, and more.

When a visitor sees a uniformed security guard on duty, they see you’re in control of the space and care about the safety and protection of the people who enter it. Uniformed staff provide a strong deterrence to criminal activity and have the added benefit of being instantly recognizable. Besides discouraging potential criminals, a security officer is easily identified by anyone seeking information or help during an emergency.

Protection from theft and vandalism is also the responsibility of security personnel and may be especially valuable for organizations with few or no regular visitors. At construction sites, for example, as much as $300 million to $1 billion in equipment and materials is stolen annually. At warehouses, remote facilities, and more, security guards help decrease theft and lead to more money and assets saved.

Jobs Our Uniformed Security Guards Handle

  • Access control: Control access for parking lots, buildings, and other restricted or unrestricted areas of client property.
  • Patrolling: Regularly travel through and inspect client-managed areas and perimeters, either by foot or vehicle.
  • Surveillance: Monitor security cameras, alarms and other client security equipment for activity.
  • Enforcement: Ensure that rules and regulations (i.e., client policies, local laws) are being followed.
  • Response: Remain alert and respond promptly to emergency situations and security threats of any kind.
  • Reporting: Maintain detailed security logs and reports, as well as communicate suspicious activity or incidents to clients and/or relevant authorities.
  • Hospitality: Provide friendly customer service, assisting with questions and concerns for all workplace visitors, employees, and clients.

Training for Uniformed Security Officers

At DK Security, we are committed to providing our security guards with high-quality and thorough industry-specific training. Our training process starts at orientation, where new hires complete standardized training courses through DK University, our learning management software.
Upon successful completion of orientation, new officers receive hands-on training that is customized and relevant to their assigned client work site. To keep guards performing at the highest level possible, ongoing training is also conducted at regular intervals via DK University or in-person training.

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Access control

Proper operation of client access control systems


Active shooter training

First reactions and life-saving skills when faced with the immediate threat of an active shooter


Area/perimeter patrolling

Best practices when traveling through and inspecting surveillance areas and perimeters

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Conflict resolution

Recognize and de-escalate verbally or physically hostile situations

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Diversity, disability, and sensitivity training

Promote diversity in work teams and public relationships with the goal of reducing discrimination and offense

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Emergency preparedness

Ability to respond to medical emergencies (CPR/AED/First Aid/etc.) and natural emergencies (fire, earthquake, flooding, etc.)


Hospitality security

Our own customer service-based “G.I.F.T.S.” training, focused on first impressions and ensuring safe, comfortable environments within our care

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Report writing

Formal procedures regarding use of security reporting systems, preferred language, and communication channels.


Sexual harassment Training

Acceptable and unacceptable behavior in the workplace, with tools to recognize and correct inappropriate situations


Terrorism awareness

Identify and respond to indicators of terrorist activity

Why Choose DK Security?

Established in 1995 by two highly credentialed leaders in federal law enforcement, DK Security is Michigan’s largest local security guard company and one of the 50 largest security companies in the United States. Additionally, we are proud to be a WBENC-certified woman-owned and woman-led organization, and were ranked by Crain’s Detroit Business as the 19th largest woman-owned company in Michigan (2023).

DK Security was founded on the conviction that security companies should be timely, communicative, and provide the highest quality of services—which the global security companies regularly fail at. That guarantee continues today; we provide locally involved management teams, an emphasis on hospitality security, and a dedicated in-house recruitment team for all uniformed security clients.

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How to Hire a Security Guard

The process of providing uniformed security guards starts with gathering information about your organizational needs. We encourage you to consider: How many guards will you need? When do you need security coverage to begin? What tasks would you expect of security staff? Are you considering other DK-provided services in addition to guards?

Every security request is unique. At DK, our relationships range from single-day events to partnerships spanning 20+ years. It’s never too early to reach out. You can request a quote with questions about next weekend, next month, or security needs a year away.

Request a Uniformed Security Guard Today

We encourage you to reach out to us regarding your organization’s need for uniformed security. If you’re interested in having a conversation about our security services in Michigan, Indiana, or Ohio, contact us today.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Security Guard?

With DK Security, the cost to deploy traditional uniformed security guard services depends on a variety of considerations and is discussed between DK Security and the client. Generally, uniformed security rates range anywhere from $25 to $130 per hour. The type of service requested, location, contract length, guard experience level, and whether the officer is armed or unarmed all factor into the cost of security service.

What Is the Main Responsibility of a Security Officer?

Security guards are primarily responsible for protecting your people and assets from threats to their security. They perform regular surveillance, monitors access control, patrols your property, responds to security and medical emergencies, and more. The job of a DK Security officer is to protect others, deter crime, and leave a positive impression on everyone they come in contact with. 

Do Security Guards Carry Guns?

Whether or not a security guard carries a firearm depends on federal and state laws and regulations, as well as a discussion between DK and the client on the scope of security service. When armed security is requested of us, guards deployed to your work site must first possess all necessary licenses and meet strict eligibility requirements. Learn more about our armed security division.