Celebrating Administrative Professionals Day
September 28, 2022
security admin

Each April, we celebrate National Administrative Professionals Day to recognize the efforts of administrators across industries. Today and every day, DK Security is grateful for all our corporate staff members that are responsible for administrative tasks and essential to our core operations.

At DK Security, the umbrella of administration covers office management, clerical work, scheduling, record maintenance, and much more. At the center of it all is Kim Yarrington, our Payroll Administrator and an employee of the company since 2004. She leads our payroll department, additionally managing the fingerprinting division of our background screening services.

“We always tell everyone [Kim] is the most important person [in the corporate team], because she is literally making sure that [all of] our employees are feeding their families every week,” says CEO Sindia Narber on Kim as a cornerstone to our company’s operation. “Without her, we wouldn’t be functioning.”

Kim wasn’t always an administrator; she originally joined DK as an event staff member at Van Andel Arena. Within a few years, however, she joined our Grand Rapids headquarters in the background screening department and helped establish our 24/7 corporate Command Center. After success as a Command Center Supervisor, Kim was given the opportunity to join the payroll department and has been an administrator ever since.

When asked about her current role, Kim explains that “payroll has grown immensely,” adding that “people don’t realize everything that goes into payroll.” She’s thankful for every staff member that supports the payroll process for every paycheck, every pay period.

Kim looks to the future of DK administration, too. She sees the company growing around her and hopes for greater expansion within Michigan as well as new out-of-state sites.

The people, as well as job security, are cause for Kim sticking around for so long. “I think a lot of it has to do with the people and the great attitude that DK Security has.” Despite the stress and complex nature of leading DK’s payroll efforts, she remains positive about her tenure. “I enjoy my job.”