DK Security Expands Its Services in the Midwest

March 4, 2022

DK Security is excited to announce that after 26 years of providing exceptional security services in Michigan, we have expanded our offerings to clients in Ohio and Indiana. Our commitments to local client support and management responsiveness have allowed us to become the largest locally-owned security company in Michigan and one of the 50 largest security firms nationwide. Now, we look forward to offering our security services to new clients in Ohio and Indiana.

“We are very excited to now provide security officers in Indiana and Ohio. The growth came naturally, as our new clients took notice of the level of service we were providing in Michigan and wanted to see that replicated in Indiana and Ohio. From what we’ve seen so far, there are many organizations in both states that haven’t been happy with their current security contractor. This will open up the door for us to come in and provide quality security guards with a management support that they haven’t received before.”

Johnny Kendall, Director of Marketing & Business Development

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Our Journey

In 1995, DK Security was founded in Grand Rapids, MI as an investigative and consulting firm by two highly credentialed law enforcement officials. John Kendall and Robert DuHadway started providing security guard services soon after, when they discovered that security companies did not respond to their clients in a timely manner.

It became the cofounders’ mission to bring a new approach to the industry: providing security service of the highest quality with a highly responsive management team.

DK Security quickly expanded, adding a full range of services to West Michigan clients: event security staff, loss prevention detectives, executive protection, background screening, and more. A 2009 competitive acquisition of a Lansing security company took DK Security to the Mid-Michigan region. In the 2010s, we cemented our presence across the state with the opening of local offices in Lansing, Detroit, and Flint.

Our services have begun to reach the greater Midwest as of 2021, beginning with 24/7 unarmed uniformed security officer coverage at a large food manufacturing facility in Ohio. In late 2021, we expanded our partnership with a Michigan-based client by providing uniformed security guards at some of their locations in northern Indiana. Most recently, we expanded with the same client at a large facility in Ohio.

Today, DK Security ranks among the top 50 largest security companies in the country and still proudly provides local support to each of our clients in Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana.

One Company, One Solution

Our range of security services available in Ohio, Indiana and beyond:

Uniformed Security: Our uniformed officers monitor access control, offer perimeter protection, and most importantly, protect the people and assets of an organization. We also provide 24/7 Command Center support from our Grand Rapids headquarters, giving our clients access to our management team at any time.

Armed Security: Armed security guards are also available, either in uniform or plain clothes, varying by client request. Our armed division includes former law enforcement, those with military backgrounds, and individuals with substantial security experience. Our officers undergo extensive background checks and advanced training.

Event Security: We secure events ranging from festivals with over 100,000 attendees to intimate gatherings that require a subtle presence, tailored to fit the exact needs of your event. Popular events we secure include concerts, festivals, sporting events, trade shows, conventions, political events, corporate functions, and weddings.

Investigations: DK Security originally began as an investigations firm before expanding to include additional security services. Since 1995, we’ve completed more than 3,000 private investigations and have recovered millions in client assets. Our highly skilled team handles a variety of cases, including fraud, worker’s compensation, employee misconduct, anonymous threats, and more.

Executive Protection: We’ve provided executive protection to hundreds of high-profile clients who are often under potential threat, including executives, entertainers, politicians, dignitaries, and more. DK Security focuses on the specific needs of our clients and can fully customize our protective operations.

Security Audits: A security audit conducted by DK Security provides you with the actionable information and expert justification you need to protect your team and facilities. We have conducted security audits for Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, school systems, colleges, and government agencies.

Safety Training: Safety training classes for emergency situations are also available, covering topics such as CPR/AED/First Aid and Active Shooter training. Our classes give your employees the capability to handle emergency situations safely and effectively.

Background Screenings: Our background screening services ensure high-quality hiring results for employers nationwide with a thorough, personal, and quick process. We also provide fingerprinting services, adding extra access to accurate and valuable information.

Loss Prevention: We offer to reduce financial losses caused by internal and external theft. DK Security assesses an organization’s daily operations, policies, and general security practices to determine efficient methods for identifying and reducing potential vulnerabilities.

HonorLine: HonorLine is an anonymous employee hotline owned and operated by DK Security. Its third-party confidentiality allows your organization’s employees to securely report suspected criminal and unethical behavior before they lead to larger issues of theft, fraud, or misconduct.

The DK Security management team proudly provides excellent local and responsive client support, and we extensively screen and train our security teams to ensure professionalism, vigilance, and hospitality. Our commitment to excellent service gives our clients peace of mind and has been instrumental to our expansion in Ohio and Indiana.

If you’d like to learn more about our expansion of services or explore our security options, please feel free to contact us.

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