New Year. New Look.

January 5, 2022

HonorLine is an anonymous hotline owned and operated by DK Security, designed for use by our clients to report suspected criminal and unethical conduct within their organization. We’re delighted to start 2022 by reintroducing HonorLine service with a modernized logo.

DK Security HonorLine logo

The refreshed logo retains the core structure of the original design, reflecting HonorLine’s roots as a telephone service for anonymous reporting for over two decades. Today, HonorLine also accepts tips online, making the process of addressing internal concerns even more efficient for employers and management teams. 

How HonorLine Works

HonorLine is designed to handle reports of suspected ethical abuses, fraud, and more. Using the service, employees may communicate with DK Security as a third-party, encouraging full and truthful reporting.

Tips can be submitted by phone or email, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, all completely confidential. Calls, staffed by trained professionals, are not recorded, and cannot be traced back to a caller. Phone and online users are never asked to identify themselves.

When a report of misconduct or wrongdoing is made, the information is validated and shared with your organization for proper action to be taken.

DK Security HonorLine

Confidentiality and Trust

HonorLine does more than streamline the reporting process for suspected misconduct within a company. Its policy of strict confidentiality also strengthens the relationship between employees and executives as issues are addressed and investigated.

The presence of an anonymous tip line demonstrates to employees that your company wants to be made aware of their concerns and values their privacy. At the same time, third-party confidentiality promotes a culture of honesty and integrity among groups of employees.

Choosing Us

“If I had only known…” is an all-too-common expression by corporate executives after they learn of ongoing criminal or unethical misconduct within their organization. In many cases, losses and damages resulting from internal theft, fraud, or misconduct could have been significantly reduced if the company had in place a means for employees to report information safely and anonymously.

DK Security is excited to take HonorLine into 2022 with a refreshed logo and continued 24/7 support anywhere in the United States and beyond. If you are interested in learning more about our hotline services, please contact us at the link below.

Learn more about Honorline!

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