Command Center Supervisor Receives Outstanding Performer Award
December 21, 2022
security guard at desk

Our Grand Rapids corporate command center provides vital communication and support to every employee companywide. Led by supervisor Blake Roderick, it has lately become one of the highest functioning employee teams in the entire company. For his continued efforts to build a stronger and more cohesive department, Blake is our latest Outstanding Performer award recipient.

Blake Roderick started his security career three years ago in his hometown of Hastings, working as a uniformed security guard at Kellogg Community College. After some time, he moved to Grand Rapids and DK Security was the first employer to show interest in his application. Blake was identified as a quality candidate for our corporate command center and was invited to visit for a job shadow.

Hired as a command center operator, Blake’s start was challenging but evolved into an opportunity he was excited about. In August 2022, he received a promotion to command center supervisor and feels a strong responsibility for the department. Now, he’s the corporate team’s latest Outstanding Performer.


What’s an Outstanding Performer? Outstanding Performers are DK Security employees who go above and beyond for our clients and their communities. We invite all our supervisors and clients to nominate officers who demonstrate exemplary performances in the service of their organizations.

The award nomination came from the very top. CEO Sindia Narber recently told our marketing staff that Blake is responsible for the entire command center team reaching a higher level of performance. “He’s just stepped up in such a dramatic way,” she beamed.

“The key word with him is leadership,” added Director of Operations Joe Budnik about Blake’s influence on the company’s front-facing crew.


The command center is one of DK Security’s most complicated work units, responsible for communicating with operations, finance, recruiting, and field employee teams on a regular basis. As the leader of this department, Blake has excelled in learning the complexities quickly, training others, and keeping a friendly face all at once.

Blake “didn’t expect to be given anything,” and recalls being shocked upon receiving the award. While he holds a high amount of pride in his work product, Blake’s praise is focused on his coworkers.

“The operators are who truly keep things rolling. I’m here and get the ‘you’re doing so great,’ but they’re the ones that are truly doing the hard work.”


As a leader, Blake is known for treating everyone as equals. He doesn’t enjoy being the “bad guy” and adds a positive spin to all circumstances. He’s outgoing, covers more ground in the Grand Rapids office than anyone else, and is well-liked across the board.

He aspires, too, citing Payroll Administrator Kim Yarrington as a shining example of career development that began with an entry-level position. “My goal is to work my way up into something,” he says.

That won’t be before he feels wholly comfortable with the state of the command center, though. He wants to “treat it like [his] baby at this point,” continuing to “fix it up and make it pretty, make it work.”

Congratulations to Blake on being named an Outstanding Performer for his leadership in the command center. We’re thankful for his ceaseless initiative, his friendly energy, and everything in between.